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WATCH: Canadian Trans Girl's Parents Demand Action From School Over Bullying

WATCH: Canadian Trans Girl's Parents Demand Action From School Over Bullying

Izzy and Dale Burgos, the parents of 8-year-old elementary schooler Isabella in Winnipeg, Canada, say the parent of a friend has bullied each member of their family over the fact that Isabella is transgender, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

At the beginning of this school year, Isabella returned to Joseph Teres School for third grade after beginning her gender transition over the summer. Facing no issues from fellow students or the school's administration, Isabella was initially allowed to use the girls' restrooms.

Several weeks ago, however, a friend's parent approached Isabella while she was waiting for her older brother after school. "[She] told me I couldn't go to the girls' washroom," Isabella explained to the CBC in the video below.

Since that incident, the same mother has complained to both Isabella's brother, her parents, and the young girl again, despite being asked not to by River East Transcona superintendent and CEO Kelly Barkman, Izzy Burgos told the CBC.

"This person I never met felt the need to yell at my daughter," she continued. "I can't fathom yelling at a child, especially one that's not yours."

Now Isabella has been told to use only the school's gender-neutral restroom. Her parents, frustrated with the alleged bullying and the school's lack of proactive response, have contacted local police about the woman's behavior.

But even with all the relevant officials aware of the situation, the Burgos family say they could use more action to raise awareness in Isabella's school about transgender students. "Because a lot of people have been asking me questions, [I] just want the teachers to teach about transgender," Isabella told CBC.

"We've really been wanting [local LGBT advocacy nonprofit] Rainbow Resource Centre in there [to] talk with the school division and talk with the schools," Dale added. "It's not about preaching. It's just about answering questions that people might have."

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