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Pride Parade Stops for Police Officers' Wedding Proposals

London Wedding Proposal

The Metropolitan Police marched in the Pride parade today, and along the way it stopped for two wedding proposals.

He said yes, both times.

The MET LGBT Network shared photos of the touching moments on Twitter. In one case, it was one officer asking another officer to marry him. In the other case, ITV News reports that the constable stopped along Regent Street where his partner, Jonathan Sammons, was watching and got down on one knee. They kissed passionately and the officer rejoined the march.

Watch the moment here:

"Speechless! Amazing! Oh my God, I can't believe he did it,” said Sammons in an interview with ITV afterward.

Pride is usually filled with heart warming moments when people can show their love in public, but wedding proposals are a fairly new phenomenon. Same-sex marriage became legal in England in 2013. And it looks like this year's parade route was packed, with police joining in the call for a big turnout.

“We encourage those who wish to show their support for - and stand in unity with - the LGBT+ community to come and watch the parade,” the police had posted on Facebook ahead of the march.

Wedding Proposal at London Pride

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