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Day of Reckoning Coming for Harlem Hate Church

Day of Reckoning Coming for Harlem Hate Church


A hearing next week will bring more clarity on whether the Ali Forney Center, which aids LGBT youth in New York City, can purchase a church that incites violence against gays.

With the Ali Forney Center moving toward purchasing the foreclosed Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, the congregation's intensely homophobic pastor, James David Manning, is lashing out wildly.

"This church is not going anywhere," Manning told MSNBC in a profanity-laced interview. "Who said so? Because faggots want to buy it? I believe that before this building is ever inhabited by any sodomite homosexual faggot group that men will be carrying babies in their balls and giving birth out of their assholes before this building will ever be used by faggots."

Manning's Altah Church owes millions in unpaid bills -- a spokeswoman for Mayor Bill deBlasio says it haven't paid a water bill since the 1980s -- and the city is finally taking action. A hearing April 21 will help decide the fate of the church and whether it will be put up for auction. If it is, the Ali Forney Center -- a drop-in center that provides numerous services to New York City's homeless LGBT youth -- hopes to buy the church on 123rd Street and convert it to additional housing. The center's director, Carl Siciliano, says he hopes to turn Atlah's message of hate -- broadcast on street-facing signs that have called for the stoning of gay people -- into one of hope and redemption.

"Our community is responding to the hatred with a desire to show love and protection to our young people," Siciliano said. "To turn a space that's been so fixated on promoting hatred and violence against our community into a space where the most vulnerable members of our community our loved and cared for and protected would be a great victory."

When Manning was asked what his message to Siciliano and other representatives of Ali Forney would be, he said, "Go to hell and do it now. I'd tell them to kiss my ass, but they might like that." Watch the video report below.

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