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What is International Women's Day? The history of the revolutionary holiday explained

The history of the holiday goes beyond feminism, reminding us every year of the deep ties linking gender equality and class struggle.

24 New Year’s Resolutions for 2024 to Support Your LGBTQ+ Loved Ones & Friends

Here's some recommendations on supporting your queer community as we head into 2024. What's your resolution for supporting LGBTQ+ lives?

15 of the Queerest Places to Spend New Year’s

Whether it’s with millions of people or with a few, check out these places to go to have a queer New Year’s Eve.

The Holidays and the Epidemic of Loneliness

I will not be alone this Christmas; however, it wasn’t always that way, writes John Casey.

These Gay Merman Ornaments Are Now a Cult Christmas Classic

Besides the hunky mermen there are a magical line of male fairies, too. It's part of a whole gay merman subculture dating back decades now.

39 Festive Holiday White House Images That Show 'Magic, Wonder, and Joy'

The Advocate was invited to experience the White House holiday decorations and they did not disappoint.

From Mariah to Cher: The Ultimate LGBTQ+ Holiday Playlist for 2023

These holiday ear worms are hits among the LGBTQ+ community.

11 Queer Chefs to Inspire Your Thanksgiving Hunger

These LGBTQ+ chefs will make your mouth water.

Fox News Is Mad at Target for Gay Nutcracker & Black Santa in Wheelchair

The retail giant Target has faced criticism from Fox News over a “Pride Christmas Nutcracker “and wheelchair-accessible Santa.

Outrage Over LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Macy's Parade 'Desperate Plea For Attention,' GLAAD Says

“Brands have long learned that these are not concerned moms, but dedicated anti-LGBTQ activists," GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis said of the petition and its backers.