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Top 20 Gay Travel Destinations of 2013

NYC Stonewall

5. San Francisco (Related: Out Traveler Guide to San Francisco | San Francisco's Treats | Miking the Castro's Queer History)

4. London (Related: Out Traveler Guide to London | Hosts of World Pride 2012Heathrow Airport's Lounge Act )

3. Sydney, Australia (Related: North Bondi Beach listed as one of the world's best gay beaches)

2. Rio de Janeiro (Related: Farme de Amoedo listed on one of the world's best gay beaches | Detoxing on the Shores of Ipanema)

1. New York City (Related: Out Traveler Guide to New York | Celebrating 40 Years After Stonewall  | Downturn? Fuggedaboudit | Back to the Future: Jet Blue's Swanky Terminal at JFK | A Taste of New York)



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