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Add Tokyo Disneyland to Your List of Potential Wedding Venues

Add Tokyo Disneyland to Your List of Potential Wedding Venues


Now same-sex couples in Asia can finally get married in Cinderella's castle, and both can wear gowns if they want.

Tokyo Disneyland acquiesced this week to a request by two women to get married on the grounds, reports the Guardian. Koyuki Higashi had written to Disney asking for permission to marry her partner Hiroko and was initially told yes -- so long as only one wore a gown and the other a tux.

A Disney spokesperson quickly took back that dress code requirement after Higashi wrote about the response online, and she and her partner can now wear whatever they want. They just can't get married in the chapel, the Guardian reports.

The couple had actually never intended to get married, according to the Wall Street Journal, and it's not legal there anyway. Higashi was just curious about whether she would be excluded from an advertised "Royal Dream Wedding" package at Cinderella's Castle (which costs more than $90,000). But they still made a visit to Disneyland to thank Mickey Mouse in person, and a photo posted on Higashi's blog of them holding up "thank you" signs is spreading online.

"Mickey first looked surprised to hear that we are a couple of girls," Higashi wrote, according to a translation in the Guardian. "But we said we were there to thank him... and he celebrated with us."

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