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Onward Banned in Middle East Nations Over LGBTQ Character


Disney/Pixar's Onward has been banned in four Middle Eastern nations because it features a minor LGBTQ character.

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Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia will not show the film in its theaters, BBC reports. The nations object to the fantasy/adventure movie's blink-and-miss-it queer character, voiced by out actress and writer Lena Waithe.

"It's not easy being a parent... my girlfriend's daughter got me pulling my hair out, OK?," Waithe's cyclops cop character says in her one and only scene.

Russia, led by homophobic president Vladimir Putin, also took action against Onward, forcing Waithe's character to say "partner" instead of "girlfriend" and to avoid overt references to the character's gender.

In the U.S., Onward opened at the number-one spot at the box office, though its $40 million haul was viewed as slightly disappointing for a Pixar film.

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