Why are you a photographer?
I have to express creativity in some form while I'm on this planet. I played violin when I was younger and worked in newspapers and magazines throughout college. I stopped writing short fiction and poetry quite some time ago, and now that energy has channeled into photography. I consider the work I produce to be an extension of my writing efforts and film appreciation. I would also say I'm a photographer because I enjoy collaborating with people and I do quality work we can both enjoy at the end of the day.

What catches your eye?
Mood. Color and B&W photography are both great, but in either display there has to be a good mood to pull me into a photograph. It's the same when I'm the one doing the photography; there has to be a strong mood, texture, or tone to give the image some weight.

How do you choose your subjects?
The people I work with usually team up with me through my website, social networking sites, word of mouth, and/or referrals. When I specifically choose someone to work with me on images, they have to be open to the creative process. I look for someone uninhibited, not worried about viewer response to the photographs, and unique to the camera.

How do you describe your work?
My photography is quite simple; I'm not about a lot of bells and whistles in editing or settings/backdrops. The work I produce is subtle but solid, and I would say conceptual if I had to choose one word for it. 

Tags: Art