Artist Spotlight: Alek & Steph



Alek & Steph (Stephane Marquet and Aleksandar Tomovic) have brought their European artistry to American efficiency. They make the perfect team, creating the magic as they take images simultaneously with two different cameras and work together on the postproduction. Their photography has been published all over the world, reaching millions. Steph is originally from the sunny south of France (which is a bit like Palm Springs with water and an accent), but then he moved to Paris, took that “Parisian attitude” everyone talks about, and transformed it into something all his own. Alek is originally from Serbia (which is a bit like the San Fernando Valley with an even thicker accent), but then he moved to Paris, met Steph, fell in love, and became a French citizen.

Whether you are talking about Alek & Steph’s blogs, their online magazines, their photography, or even their lives, you are talking about inspiration.

Such stimulation comes from extensive world travels and the vast experiences they have absorbed from countless cultures and from meeting some pretty darn amazing people. Just take a look at their photography and you can sense the inspiration ... and the timelessness.

Tags: Art