Artist Spotlight Xiyadie
April 21 2012 2:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Xiyadie

Christopher Harrity

Xiyadie’s wields joy and revolution with his erotic, romantic paper cuttings.

Artist Spotlight Laurie Lipton
April 14 2012 2:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Laurie Lipton

Christopher Harrity

Lipton's sweetness disguises a dark vision of modern life and her executions are heroic.

The Edwardians Glyn Warren Philpot
March 31 2012 2:00 AM ET

The Edwardians: Glyn Warren Philpot

Christopher Harrity

The tension between Philpot's public life and his private sexual life erupted in his work.

Artist Spotlight: Mel Odom
March 24 2012 2:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Mel Odom

Christopher Harrity

Odom's outrageously sleek and sensual renderings set a style for a generation and kept on going.

Artist Spotlight Michael Petry
March 17 2012 2:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Michael Petry

Christopher Harrity

Beutiful on the surface, Petry's work has depth in both wit and scholarship.

Artist Spotlight Ron Griswold
March 10 2012 3:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Ron Griswold

Christopher Harrity

Griswold gives you the male figure in a direct, emotional way — no coy justifications needed.

Artist Spotlight Andrew Printer
February 25 2012 3:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Andrew Printer

Christopher Harrity

Selections from two of Andrew Printer's photo series show him to have a range from pop and witty to a more emotional and ephemeral tone.

Remembering Richmond Barthe
February 18 2012 5:00 AM ET

Remembering Richmond Barthé

Christopher Harrity

Barthé was a key figure in the Harlem Renaissance in the 1930s, then he crashed into obscurity. Did his homosexuality have anything to do with that?

Artist Spotlight James Gobel
February 11 2012 5:00 AM ET

 Artist Spotlight: James Gobel

Christopher Harrity

James Gobel wanted his latest bear-centric work to be more cuddly. "An artwork that you could conceivably snuggle up to seemed a good place to start."

Artist Spotlight Thomas Evans
January 28 2012 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Thomas Evans

Christopher Harrity

Thomas Evans is drawn to the dark side of flamboyance. His photographs of glamor and gender variance need a new descriptive word: funcomfortable.

Artist Spotlight: Kelli Connell
January 21 2012 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Kelli Connell

Christopher Harrity

Connell's dual portraits create tiny moments packed with so much feeling that the fantastic technical work seems to disappear.

Artist Spotlight Dylan Rosser
January 07 2012 5:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Dylan Rosser

Christopher Harrity

This London photographer's work makes everyone want to be a male physique photographer. But it's harder than it looks.

Artist Spotlight Favorite Artwork of the Year 2011
January 02 2012 5:00 AM ET

 Artist Spotlight: Favorite Artwork of the Year

Christopher Harrity

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