In the Galleries: Keep Your Timber Limber
July 16 2013 12:00 PM ET

In the Galleries: Keep Your Timber Limber Editors

This exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London shows that some of our favorite erotic artists may have had a more complex message in their artwork.

Artist Spotlight: Jon Uriarte
July 13 2013 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Jon Uriarte

Christopher Harrity

Uriarte's simply presented concept reveals much about gender identity and roles.

In the Galleries: SexyBlack
July 11 2013 6:48 PM ET

In the Galleries: SexyBlack Editors

Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery celebrates Black Pride with a selection of erotic work.

Artist Spotlight: Ephraim Moses Lilien
July 06 2013 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: Ephraim Moses Lilien

Christopher Harrity

Perhaps only accidentally homoerotic, Lilien's pursuit of a handsome Jewish ideal manifested in beautiful art nouveau drawings of men.

Inventing the California Boy
June 29 2013 4:00 AM ET

Inventing the California Boy

Christopher Harrity

These mid-20th-century photographers and artists created utopian images of young California men that formed an ideal.

June 25 2013 9:30 PM ET

The Art of Being a Drama Queen

View at

Pop artist Wayne Hollowell celebrates campy divas from Joan Crawford to Nene Leakes in his new NYC solo exhibit.

In the Galleries: 'Tease'
June 25 2013 6:00 AM ET

In the Galleries: 'Tease' Editors

Jan Rattia's photographs explore issues of masculinity and outward expression via portraiture of dancers.

Artist Spotlight: Jose Manuel Hortelano-Pi
June 22 2013 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: José Manuel Hortelano-Pi

Christopher Harrity

Hortelano-Pi brings his earthy, human touch to ceramics, video, and social media.

June 17 2013 11:00 AM ET

Night of Judy Garland Artwork Benefits Homeless LGBT Youth

View at

This year's Night of a Thousand Judys, an annual benefit celebrating Judy Garland, includes an auction of unique portraits inspired by the late icon.

Artist Spotlight: David Trullo
June 15 2013 4:00 AM ET

Artist Spotlight: David Trullo

Christopher Harrity

Trullo casts a wickedly humorous eye on the grand themes: religion, mythology, and fine art.

June 12 2013 12:36 PM ET

Half-Drag: Leland Bobbé's Photo Series Explores Gender Fluidity

The photographer has shot New York City drag queens, over 60, and recently finished the series after nearly 18 months.

June 11 2013 5:15 PM ET

Andy Warhol's Gay Pics Go Up For Auction During Pride

Christie's is auctioning off 200 of Andy Warhol's depictions of gay representation in an online sale called "For Members Only: Eyes on the Guise," running June 13 through June 27.