Look Who's Come Aboard Noah's Gay Wedding Cruise

Artist Paul Richmond has added MarriageEvolved founders Joshua and Steve Snyder-Hill to his super-gay depiction of Noah's Ark.

When Shel Silverstein Covered Fire Island for Playboy

The beloved children's author and illustrator traveled to the gay retreat in 1965

Help Fire Island-Loving Artists

You have one night only to help the Fire Island Performance Series.

How Much Would You Pay to Get Bea Arthur Naked?

John Currin's infamous 1991 painting Bea Arthur Naked may fetch between $1.8-2.5 million today at a Christie's auction.

PHOTOS: Germany's Hardest Bodies

From the Habsburg Empire's celebration of the Roman figure to interwar representations of the gym bunny ubermensch, German artists have carved quite a place for themselves in the annals of the male nu

Gay Celebs Like Mike Ruiz and Perez Hilton as Sexy Pin-up Boys

Cheesecake, anyone? Paul Richmond flips classic pin-up culture on its bare behind with his cheeky Cheesecake Boys series featuring gaymous subjects like Mike Ruiz, Alec Mapa, and Perez Hilton.

In the Galleries: Robert Trachtenberg

In the Galleries: Robert Trachtenberg

Photographer, filmmaker, and author Robert Trachtenberg creates an elaborate folly for the equine set.

Visible Bodies Puts it all Out There

In the Galleries: Boys of Summer

In the Galleries: Boys of Summer

The Pines Nude Drawing group continues the artistic legacy of Fire Island and sets up easels in the Meat Rack.

Boys of Summer: Artwork from Fire Island's Pines Nude Drawing Group

Preview a new exhibition of tasteful male nudes sketched in outdoor splendor by the Pines Nude Drawing Group.

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