Artist Spotlight Peter De Potter

Artist Spotlight: Peter De Potter

De Potter's art weds words and images that work like instant poems or single-frame films.

Celebration of Craftswomen

Celebration of Craftswomen

For three decades, the Celebration of Craftswomen show has displayed the most beautiful arts and crafts. Here is a selection by lesbian and bisexual participants.

Artist Spotlight Wes Hempel

Artist Spotlight: Wes Hempel

Sometimes-wicked appropriations from such disparate sources as neoclassical history painting and the Dutch golden age root Hempel's art in a revised history.

Poetry In Motion

Poetry In Motion: Lesbians Take Their Words on Tour

A group of black lesbians share their experiences through a multi-city celebration of poetry. Meet them and their message.

Artist Spotlight Marc Yankus

Artist Spotlight: Marc Yankus

It seems only fitting to enjoy Yankus's moody portraits and wistful Manhattan cityscapes as autumn deepens. As Vernon Duke wrote, "Autumn in New York is often mingled with pain."

Artist Spotlight Yannis Tsarouchis

Artist Spotlight: Yannis Tsarouchis

Tsarouchis was a mid-century Matisse of the homoerotic and then he took a turn toward the classic. His serene orientalist studies are punctuated with surprising political statements.

Artist Spotlight Rowan Mersh

Artist Spotlight: Rowan Mersh

Mersh seems to find previously unsuspected spaces and dimensions in everyday places with his linear constructions and pod-like clusters.

Artist Spotlight Peter Churcher

Artist Spotlight: Peter Churcher

The sensuality of everyday activities comes to life in Churcher's subtle work depicting youth culture in Barcelona and military life in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

Artist Spotlight Kurt Kauper

Artist Spotlight: Kurt Kauper

Kauper's images of idols and divas aren't easily classified. They are simple, formal compositions that are beautifully rendered. They seem to ask more questions than they answer.

Artist Spotlight Alexei Biryukoff

Artist Spotlight: Alexei Biryukoff

Banned for obscenity in Siberia, Biryukoff's large-scale male figure paintings are like landscapes of expressive strokes and earthy color.

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