PHOTOS: Beautifully Bent in Burbank

Bent-Con — the LGBT focused convention for fans of comic-books, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror mediums — brought fantasy to Burbank, Calif.



On November 8th – 10th, Bent-Con rocked the Burbank Marriott Convention Center — its fourth annual celebration. A non-profit organization created in 2010, Bent-Con celebrates, encourages and appreciates the contributions of LGBTQ folks and allies to pop-culture and geekdom. Specifically, comic-books, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror mediums from artists, writers, creators, publishers, directors, actors, and producers that create works targeted directly to LGBTQ audiences and the larger realm of mainstream and underground pop-culture as a whole.

But it’s just easier to think of it like a Comic-Con, only gayer!

The attendance numbers on the 2013 event are still coming in, but since 2010, Bent-Con has continued to grow in attendance, from 500 to nearly 2500 at the 2012 celebration — proving that Bent-Con continues to be among the preeminent celebrations of LGBT geekdom and pop-culture.

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