Can't a guy love gay rights and working out, and still want to date ladies? Some gay people don't think so — fitness trainer and Real World alum Scott Herman recently took some flak on the blogosphere over his involvement in the No H8 marriage equality campaign. Herman responded to accusations that he's using gay activism to further his career in a video on, and he elaborated on his reasons for making the video, as well as his growing sex symbol status, with The Advocate.

The Advocate: Why did you make the video?
Herman: I do a google search on my name every day and I started to read people saying, “He only did the No H8 campaign because he wanted the attention or the limelight — he doesn’t care about us.” So, I made the video; I really wanted to express that I’m putting myself out there to help [the gay] community. Also, for the people who are my fans, it solidified that I really care about them and I fight for what’s right.

So gay people have questioned your motives, have your straight friends asked the same thing?
None of my friends have said anything like that to me—it just was on the blogs. There may have been straight people saying it, but I didn’t see it.

How did you get involved with the No H8 campaign?
Some of my celebrity friends did it and that’s how I heard about it. Then I found out they were doing a shoot in New York. I was doing an appearance at a gay club in Long Island, so I was in the area and wanted to be involved.