Jack Antonoff: Rocker, Ally, Militant Fashionisto, Lena Dunham’s Arm Candy

His extracurricular activity of choice: The Ally Coalition, a sort of grown-up gay-straight alliance he founded in 2012 with his band and his sister, fashion designer Rachel Antonoff, to support LGBT

WATCH: Singer Is 'Proud of Who I Am' in Stirring Antibullying Video

WATCH: A Singer's Stirring Anti-Bullying Video

Ray Isaac, a rising star in the pop and dance scene, has a strong message against bullying in his latest music video, 'Who I Am.'

Tyler Glenn On Coming Out, Dating Apps & Adam Lambert

“I think Morrissey is sexy”

Debbie Harry: I’m Bisexual

The Blondie singer says the rumors of her affairs with women are true.

Trans Violinist Tona Brown Is Crowdfunding Her Carnegie Hall Dream

Trans Violinist Crowdfunds Her Carnegie Hall Dream

If successful, the 34-year-old musician will make Carnegie history as the first African-American violinist in venue history.

Neon Trees Hate Your Friends But Love Birthday Parties in New Music Video

Watch the group's new video for "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)," featuring gay frontman Tyler Glenn

Hunter Valentine Cancels MichFest Performance Over 'Womyn Born Womyn' Policy

Hunter Valentine Cancels on MichFest Over Antitrans Policy

The long-running women-only music festival has been criticized over a policy that excludes transgender women and is viewed by some as transphobic.

Kylie Minogue: 'I Became A Gay Icon by Being Myself'

Kylie Minogue: 'I Became A Gay Icon by Being Myself'

The legendary pop performer speaks with The Advocate about embracing her status as a gay icon without pandering to anyone.

Tyler Glenn, Lead Singer of Neon Trees, Comes Out
March 25 2014 3:10 PM ET

Glenn Urges Fans: 'Come Out as You'

The 30-year-old gay singer revealed conflicts with his Mormon faith and how he was inspired by NFL hopeful Michael Sam.

Lavender Country: Uncovering the First Gay Country Album

When Patrick Haggerty made the first openly gay country album in 1973, it wasn’t exactly a good career move.

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