Otalia in Love on Guiding Light ?

Women in love: Are Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia becoming daytime's new "it" couple?



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Many viewers are concerned, as has happened in other soap
story lines, that inevitably a man will come into the equation
and that the show may not continue to tell the women's love
story. Your thoughts?

Who knows? Down the line it could be another man or another
woman. It is soap. So there is always a temptation to sleep
with someone else. We can't rule out men or women.

But does that make sense to then have the characters take
that turn, after all they will have gone through?

I think that if they were to commit to each other,
they would not just fall for some guy.

Last week Natalia slept with Frank! Why?Jessica:

There are so many reasons Natalia should not have slept with
Frank, and she knows all of them very well. She finds passion
to be exhilarating. She loves Olivia, and that's not part of
her morality. There is the part of her that does care about
Frank and she feels she has used him in a way. She is in
denial, so all that bubbles up. She realized she made a huge

Will something bonk her on the head and go, "I love

There might be some bonking on the head. Something has got to
give. She can't deny it forever, and she won't.

Frank is going to propose to Natalia. She is not so quick to
say yes?

Nope. That's another red flag. One should be able to say with a
resounding yes if one wants to marry someone. She says that,
but that's not how it plays out.

Is Olivia upset when she finds this out?Crystal:

No, I actually encourage it, because as far as Olivia goes,
there are a couple things that are happening. She has got an
8-year-old daughter whose friends are canceling play dates
because of the essay that came out. As well adjusted as Emma
is, that may be part of the reason she runs away, because
nobody wants to play with her. Olivia is kind of living this
lifestyle that people are a little wary of. She has said this
in her past, 'She defines herself by how desirable she is
to men,' and if she makes a different choice in her life
who is she going to be? How is she going to define herself?
That terrifies her, and it's just easier to keep things as they
are. She does love Natalia and it's on a level she has never
experienced before. When she looks at Natalia she realizes this
is a woman of such strong faith, that to ask her to compromise
is the worse sin of all.

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