Tyra Sanchez: Tiara Snatch

Newly crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Tyra Sanchez talks big breasts, Beyoncé, and her dream of becoming America’s next drag avatar.



DRAG RACE TYRA SANCHEZ 3 X390 (LOGO) | ADVOCATE.COMYou spoke a lot about your young son Jeremiah on the show, but I’m unclear on some of the details of that conception. Did you consider yourself heterosexual when you had him?
I guess you could say that. My son was born while I was in high school, and I wasn’t gay at all in high school — I was never interested in guys. I guess toward the end of the high school years it could come up and I would think about it, but I wasn’t really interested in men until after high school. A couple months after high school, I tried it and fell in love with it.

What’s your baby mama situation like?
My baby mama situation is like my best friend situation. We’re very good friends, we know we have a child together, so we work hard to raise him.

If RuPaul’s Drag Race were a graduating class, Tyra Sanchez would be voted Most Likely to...?
Win a reality TV show. [Laughs] No, Tyra Sanchez would be the person most likely to be in a movie. I like all kinds of movies, but I really want to be in one of Tyler Perry’s films. Or I’d love to be in the Avatar sequel. Can you imagine Tyra Sanchez as an avatar?

More than I can imagine Tyler Perry letting you steal Madea’s thunder.
Well, maybe Madea and I could be in a movie together. That would be hot.

Let’s end by playing a game of “screw, marry, kill” with your fellow competitors. OK, go.
I’d screw Sahara, I’d marry Tatianna, and I wouldn’t kill anyone because I’m America’s sweetheart.

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