My Two Big Gay Weddings
December 07 2010 1:15 PM ET

My Two Big Gay Weddings

Advocate Contributors

The new series Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys explores the relationship between women and their best gay male friends. One of the series’ stars, Joel Derfner,  recalls how his friend Sarah came to his wedding-planning rescue.

Kwanten Leap
November 18 2010 5:00 AM ET

Ryan Kwanten: Kwanten Leap

Brandon Voss

There’s more to the True Blood himbo than meets the naked eye — including a wild new role, a younger gay brother, and a surprisingly humble outlook on acting.

An Early Frost 25 Years Later
November 10 2010 11:30 AM ET

An Early Frost 25 Years Later

Jay Blotcher

Executives were terrified to make the film. In spite of fears and interference, a memorable film was made with a talented cast.

Parallel Worlds
October 12 2010 4:00 AM ET

Parallel Worlds

Matthew Breen

Fringe actress Jasika Nicole never imagined that her upbringing—as a biracial lesbian from the South—would perfectly prepare her for a career in sci-fi TV.

Trevor Donovan on 90210s Teddy
October 11 2010 4:45 PM ET

Trevor Donovan on ’s Teddy 

Ross von Metzke

90210's Trevor Donovan talks about playing a closeted high schooler, looking forward to Teddy's more intimate scenes, and why he's hoping his story line can save lives. 

First Look GLAADs TV Report
September 28 2010 6:45 PM ET

Where We Are on TV Editors

From broadcast (90210, The Good Wife) to cable (Nurse Jackie, True Blood), GLAAD's 15th annual "Where We Are on TV" study leaves no stone unturned. Meet all of the LGBT characters on television this year.

Ron Rifkin All in the Family
September 23 2010 8:10 PM ET

All in the Family

Ross von Metzke

As Brothers & Sisters heads into its fifth (and rumored final) season, Ron Rifkin talks about the highs and lows of playing one of TV's most underused gay characters, Uncle Saul. 

Anthony Ruivivar Nothing But the Truth
September 22 2010 3:45 PM ET

Nothing But the Truth Editors

Playing a gay member of an ethnic minority on ABC's new legal drama The Whole Truth, Anthony Ruivivar gets to kill two birds with one stone. But the fact that his character doesn't wear his sexuality on his sleeve is the real icing on the cake.

Big Brother Bringing Down the House
September 20 2010 7:45 PM ET

Bringing Down the House

Scott McPherson

Gay Big Brother houseguest Ragan Fox talks about his first night out of the house, his desire to be nude, and how he still plans on winning the game.

Nick Wauters Big Event
September 17 2010 2:50 PM ET

Countdown to

Ross von Metzke

Creator Nick Wauters closely guards the secrets of his new series, The Event, but the gay TV writer-producer spills about gay characters, comparisons to Lost, and his all-star cast, including Blair Underwood as the president (at left).

Hear What Happens Live
August 30 2010 4:25 PM ET

Hear What Happens Live

Neal Broverman

Fresh off his Emmy win for Top Chef, Bravo executive Andy Cohen talks about Monday night's Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion and being shoved by a table-flipper.

Flipping the Script
August 12 2010 5:00 AM ET

Flipping the Script

Advocate Contributors

This fall, television does gay viewers proud.

Grading the TV Networks
July 22 2010 7:30 PM ET

Grading the TV Networks Editors

From Project Runway to Glee to Modern Family, see how your favorite shows have helped — or hurt — the 15 networks ranked on GLAAD’s annual Network Responsibility Index.