After Dark With Josh Strickland




You’re seeing someone?

A recent episode of Holly’s World featured you shopping around for a therapist. Did you feel anxious about featuring your sessions on-camera?
me, it’s kind of liberating because I think many people have
misconceptions about therapists and why people go to them. It’s not
because you’re crazy; it’s because all of us have something in us one
way or another, and people don’t like to admit it. It’s nice to talk
about those things and talk about life in general and how you’re
feeling about stuff going on in your life. And sometimes it’s better to
have someone not in your life to talk to because you can step away and
this person knows nothing about your friends or your relationships and
can give you honest advice. That’s what’s so wonderful about it. I try
not to see the camera and get as real as I can.

When Holly’s World started, were you very aware of the cameras?
course, it’s always different whenever you start seeing that all the
time. But we’ve gotten so used to it, and basically, it’s all stuff we
would be doing in real life. Nothing that our show does is fake; it’s
about things that are going on in our lives right now. And it’s
important issues, not just fun and games. I’m glad I got to see a
therapist and show that it’s OK to talk to someone.

And you and Holly and the girls on the show actually seem like friends.
were friends before we even started filming. It wasn’t a casting thing.
The show was all based upon our lives as friends, which is cool because
we really love and care for each other.  

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