Jon Stewart Mocks Romney for Cave on Employing Gay Spokesman



Jon Stewart versus the
Jon Stewart versus the "Rominee"

Mitt Romney's spokesman on national security, who is gay, resigned this week after a backlash from social conservatives — a move The Daily Show mocked as the latest cave of Romney's principles.

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association was among the most outspoken against Richard Grenell's selection. The controversy led the Romney campaign to order Grennell not to speak during a conference call with reporters, something he'd surely have normally done as part of his job, according to the New York Times.

And comedian Jon Stewart summed up Fisher's beliefs this way: "You can't appoint a gay guy. He threatens our very right to hate people for being gay, it's not right."

Then Stewart explained why Fischer's interview on CNN looked so strange.

"In case you are wondering why he looks so blurry, it's because his opinions are being broadcast from 50 years ago."

Watch the entire takedown in the video below.

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