Op-ed: Wait, I'm Doing a Musical?

Sacha Sacket never thought he'd do a musical, but when the opportunity to help bullied or depressed LGBT youth came along, he couldn't say no.



Tod Macofsky (left) and Sacha Sacket

I had seen a few of the videos before — a YouTube phenomenon that exploded in 2010 in response to a rash of teen suicides. The videos are largely made by adults sending an inspiring message to LGBT youth: Life does get better, hang in there. And it's totally worth your time to watch some if you haven't already. Many of them are completely heartwarming, a gorgeous slice of humanity. Your standard gay across the street, A-list celebs, and even the president himself have made contributions.

However, this specific point-and-click foray led me to a video that quite literally changed my life. Jamey Rodemeyer, a 14-year-old high school freshman who was very actively getting bullied, decided one day to film his own It Gets Better video. I found a kid desperately trying to hold it together, promising his audience things he desperately needed to believe himself. The complete irony of a kid telling others to “hang in there” while being in the thick of high school hell turned me to mush. The most difficult part is that he committed suicide shortly afterward.

It was all I could do to turn to the piano. I ended up writing a new song in minutes. Something in me had to express what I had just seen and hopefully let other kids know they aren't alone. Most of all, I wanted to contribute in some way to help change things. It's been a long time since I was in high school, and I can't believe gay bashing isn't making any major sign of retreat. I was terribly bullied from third grade through my junior year of high school. Kids spat in my hair, teachers lisped at my expense, and few kids risked conversation with me. But I did have one thing to get me through — music. Straight up. I played piano and sang every day for hours on end. It was the only place I had any room to express myself.


SACHA SACKET is a singer-songwriter and appears in the new stage work It Gets Better, based on the It Gets Better Project. It Gets Better kicks off its nationwide tour this week in Iowa. For more information visit www.itgetsbettertour.org.

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