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Op ed A Television Coming Out Story from 1961

 Op-ed: A Television Coming Out Story from 1961

The very first documentary on homosexuality was a thoughtful discussion that aired all across the country, showing TV’s power to change attitudes.

Fair Opportunity Greater Effort

Op-ed: Fair Opportunity, Greater Effort

Joe Sestak, a decorated retired admiral and former congressman from Pennsylvania, tells us why the repeal of DADT gives him hope for America.

Oped Ask and Tell as a Family Rule

 Op-ed: Ask and Tell as a Family Rule

Sometimes what’s best for the country also works for a father raising two kids.

Note to Advocate com Readers We Are Dispensing With the Internet Closet

Note to Readers: We're Dispensing With the Internet Closet 

To continue building an community for discussion, the site adds an experimental new feature on some of our story pages starting today.

Trouble in the Tar Heel State

Op-Ed: Trouble in the Tar Heel State

Freedom to Marry national campaign director Marc Solomon weighs in on the North Carolina state legislature's draconian anti-marriage equality amendment, to go before voters in May.

Oped For Soldiers a Coming Out Parade Or a Private Party

 Op-ed: For Soldiers, a Coming-Out Parade? Or a Private Party?

Q: I’ve been in a clandestine relationship with my partner for almost three years now and with the official repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” on September 20, I want to understand more abou

Oped Dodging the Punchlines

 Op-ed: Dodging the Punchlines

Lesbian comedian Jami Smith must decide what to do when faced with a room full of gay jokes — and not the good kind.

Oped How Do I Help My Trans Daughter Be Accepted By Our Family

Op-ed: How Do I Help My Trans Daughter Be Accepted By Our Family?

 Q: I’m a grandma who with two adult children, one of whom is trans. She was my son and is now my daughter.

Oped Lessons of 911 Remind Us That Equality Matters

Op-ed: Lessons of 9/11 Remind Us That Equality Matters

Capt. Joan Darrah reflects on what it would have meant for her partner, who was still kept secret from the military in 2001, if she had been killed in an attack on the Pentagon.

Oped Same Church Different Song of Equality

 Op-ed: Same Church, Different Song of Equality

As supporters of gay rights were kicked out of Southern Missionary Baptist Church last week, Terry Angel Mason was reminded of the church’s better days fighting for equality.

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