Donald Trump

Spoiler alert: If elected, Republicans would repeal everything.

November 11 2015 9:22 AM

Ben Carson gets quizzed on being a board member for LGBT-friendly Costco; others tout 'family values' cred, denounce Democrats and the media.

October 28 2015 11:33 PM

Some are asking whether a homophobic candidate, as opposed to an allegedly racist one, would get to host Saturday Night Live.

October 27 2015 3:32 PM

Kyle Kittleson stumps for Trump.

October 26 2015 6:35 PM

The Late Show host teamed up with the The Brink actor to create a generic — and hilarious — new political tune.

October 15 2015 3:39 PM

To no one's surprise, Donald Trump tells CNN's out anchor everyone loves him, and he loves himself.

8:42 AM

This year's Republican front-runner for president was interviewed by The Advocate when considering a run in 2000.

September 28 2015 4:08 AM

When he ran for president 15 years ago, the real estate mogul sang a different tune when it came to minorities. Read the entire Q&A from 2000 below.

September 28 2015 4:00 AM

The animated Comedy Central show skirts the lines of bad taste, again.

September 24 2015 1:47 PM