Op-ed: How Your Facebook Posts Are Changing the World

Op-ed: How Your Facebook Posts Are Changing the World

Social media can be more than cat memes; it can actually move the country in a more tolerant direction.

He Said, She Said: This Week On 'I Am Cait'

He Said, She Said: This Week On I Am Cait

In the first installment of The Advocate's new weekly series, our news editor and a trans man look at I Am Cait from their own, unique transgender perspectives.

'Mom, I'm Trans': How Our Coming-Out Experiences Compare to Caitlyn Jenner's

Coming Out Trans, Unlike 'I Am Cait'

When Caitlyn Jenner came face-to-face with her mother for the first time, it brought back memories for many transgender people about their coming-out experiences.

WATCH: Fresno, California Murder Marks 11th Killing of a Trans Woman in U.S. This Year

Trans Murder Victim Number 11: Woman In Fresno

Local trans activists held a vigil Thursday night for K.c. Haggard, who was stabbed to death on the street in an altercation caught on a security camera.

WATCH: FCKH8 Asks ‘What’s Our Year’ for Full LGBT Equality?

FCKH8 Asks 'What's Our Year' for Full LGBT Equality?

FCKH8's newest video shows us that there is still a long fight before LGBT Americans have full and equal rights.

WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner: Sneak Peak Shows Her Without Makeup, Struggling With Responsibility

Caitlyn Jenner Revealed: No Makeup, Many Worries

Spoiler Alert: it's Caitlyn Jenner as we've never seen her before: au natural, bed hair, and sharing her burdens in a video diary.

Matt Bomer Won't Speak for Gay Community

WATCH: Matt Bomer Shuts Down Reporter Over Gay Question

Actor Matt Bomer schooled Hola Hollywood reporter Dulce Osuna after she asked him an insulting, steroetypical question about gay men.

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