Twitter Reacts to Kentucky Kim Davis's Arrest

The Best (and Worst) Tweets About Kim Davis

Kim Davis was taken into custody of U.S. Marshals on Thursday morning for contempt of court. Moments later, Twitter exploded.

WATCH: Funny or Die Spoofs Kim Davis With ‘Clerks and Recreation’
September 02 2015 7:26 PM ET

WATCH: Kim Davis Spoofed in Clerks and Recreation

Antigay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis got the Funny or Die treatment — and the results are too funny to ignore.

WATCH: Is CNN Coverage of Virginia Gunman Homophobic?

Is CNN Coverage of Virginia Gunman Homophobic?

Even one of CNN's most prominent personalities, out anchor Don Lemon, is bewildered by the network's apparent obsession with the killer's sexuality.

WATCH: Josh Duggar's Hypocrisy Is No 'Excuse to Live in Sin,' Scolds Tony Perkins

WATCH: Duggar's Hypocrisy Is No 'Excuse to Live in Sin'

As Tony Perkins defends right-wing beliefs, someone who's left the movement analyzes the shame and denial that most likely motivated Josh Duggar.

He Said, She Said: Getting Candid With Cait

He Said, She Said: Telling Cait, 'Don't Be a Stupid' Woman

Jenny Boylan goes from being friend and adviser to making some very candid comments, in a downright tough talk with Cait.

Woman Who Died in Caitlyn Jenner Crash Is Reportedly Being Sued

Lawsuit Targets Woman Killed in Caitlyn Jenner Crash

The driver who was killed in the crash involving Caitlyn Jenner is being sued by the people who struck and killed her.

Katrina Update: Where Are They Now?

Katrina Update: Where Are They Now?

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. Back then, we spoke to LGBT residents struggling to rebuild their lives; we caught up with two of them to see what their lives are like a decade after the storm.

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