Antigay Protestor and Viral Video Sensation Dies Suddenly



From the viral video
From the viral video

A man who became a viral video sensation for his protest of General Mills' support for marriage equality has suddenly died.

The Smoking Gun was among the first to identify the man in the video as Michael Leisner, a Minnesotan from Andover, and it reports today that Leisner died of a heart attack Saturday.

In the video, he is seen attempting to torch a Cheerios box while standing outside General Mills, which had sided against a proposed ban on marriage equality in Minnesota. Instead the grass around Leisner catches fire. The video has been seen more than 350,000 times since being uploaded on Aug. 5.

Police were investigating the protest for possible criminal ramifications but that will no longer move forward. CityPages reports that Leisner, 65, is survived by his wife and four children.