WATCH: The Moment of Victory in Maine

On November 6, Maine voters made history by becoming the first in the nation to legalize marriage equality at the ballot box. The moment Mainers United for Marriage campaign heard the news is captured in this emotional video.



On Tuesday night, Maine became the first state in U.S. history to legalize marriage equality through a popular vote. While Washington state and Maryland voters also approved same-sex marriage bills put forward by the state legislature, Maine's initiative was distinct because just three years earlier, Mainers voted to rescind marriage equality legislation put forward by the state legislature.

But on November 6, Maine voters definitively changed their minds, voting to reinstate marriage equality with 54% of the electorate voting "Yes" on Question 1. The moment of victory was caught on video and shows a jubilant crowd rejoicing at Mainers United for Marriage's headquarters. Watch the video below, and grab a box of tissues for the coming tears of joy.