Rush Limbaugh Urges Republicans to Denounce Caitlyn Jenner

Rush Limbaugh to GOP: Don't Accept Caitlyn Jenner

The radio host weighed-in on Caitlyn Jenner's transition, arguing Republicans should reject Caitlyn Jenner, even if she agrees with them politically.

REPORT: Trans Students Have Caused Zero Incidents in Bathrooms Nationwide

REPORT: Trans Kids Aren't Harassing Students in Bathrooms 

Media Matters for America cleverly debunks the right-wing claim that trans-inclusive school policies endanger students.

WATCH: Jenner Reveals Her 'New Normal' in Miniseries 'I Am Cait'

WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Reveals Her 'New Normal'

E! releases the first preview of Caitlyn Jenner's new reality series.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Welcome Caitlyn Jenner to Womanhood: Your Looks All We Care About Now

WATCH: Stewart's Look at Jenner's New Look

The Daily Show host advises Caitlyn Jenner she has 'two years before you become invisible to society. Better make the most of it.'

Op-ed: Trans Is Beautiful, Even Without Annie Leibovitz

Op-ed: Trans Is Beautiful, Even Without Vanity Fair

Many embraced Caitlyn Jenner because she personifies the female beauty ideal. What if she wasn't so glamorous?

Lambda Literary Announces 2015 Winners

Lambda Literary Announces 2015 Winners

Monday's awards ceremony boasted especially memorable acceptance speeches, from John Waters's comedy to Casey Plett's rallying cry for trans writers.

WATCH: Mike Huckabee Wished He Was a Trans Teenager

WATCH: Mike Huckabee Wished He Was a Trans Teenager

Here's why everything Mike Huckabee is saying about transgender people is wrong.

Feds to Employers: Give Trans Workers Access to Bathrooms That Match Gender Identity

Feds: Let Trans Employees Pee in Peace

OSHA's new guidelines make it clear why allowing trans employees to self-determine their restrooms is in everyone's best interests.

America's Next Drag Superstar Is 22, Genderqueer, and a Trans Activist

Drag's New Superstar: 22, Genderqueer, Trans Activist

Violet Chachki, the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race, told The Advocate she couldn’t be happier that a trans woman, Caitlyn Jenner, stole Monday’s spotlight.

WATCH: Thanks to Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Maddow Finally Addresses Trans Community on Her Show

Caitlyn Jenner Gets Rachel Maddow Talking Trans Issues

Rachel Maddow praises Caitlyn Jenner for her historic courage and finally talks about trans issues on her nightly MSNBC program.

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