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The Advocate is the world's leading source of LGBT news and politics. Discover the most recent articles published in the print issue, which is the oldest and largest gay magazine in the United States. Sort through The Advocate print issue archives to find articles written by the founders of the modern-day LGBT rights movement like Vito Russo and Gore Vidal. Find out about the historic magazine that was inspired by a police raid of a Los Angeles gay bar and has grown to become a prominent voice for topics related to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and its allies.

Keep calm and Kerry on! Before hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, the Scandal star talks lesbian rumors, homophobia in Hollywood, and her fierce commitment to fighting for equality.

October 31 2013 4:00 AM

A new book argues that America’s most notorious hate crime was not a hate crime at all.

September 13 2013 5:00 AM

In an effort to do more than simply feel good for skipping the vodka, we must think on multiple levels of impact: Which of these strategies will materially aid LGBTs in a country where it’s not only the government that hates gays?

September 11 2013 5:00 AM

Roseanne Barr’s third act as class warrior is a lot like her first act, as class warrior.

September 10 2013 5:00 AM

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s three terms will match those of La Guardia and Koch — but what of his legacy?

September 10 2013 4:00 AM

Despite touting a libertarian ethos and gorgeous landscape, the state has become a wasteland for human rights, unsafe for women, LGBTs, and people of color.

September 06 2013 4:00 AM

Now starring as the mother of Satan’s spawn in Hell Baby, Leslie Bibb revels in the gay following she's amassed by playing queen Bs in projects like GCBPopular, and Confessions of a Shopaholic.

September 05 2013 4:00 AM