Florida School District Becomes Nation's First to Recognize LGBT History Month



South Florida's Broward County School District recently decided to recognize October's LGBT History Month in hopes of reducing bullying on its campuses.

Broward is the nation's first school district to recognize LGBT History Month, according to the Sun-Sentinel. As part of the recognition, Broward teachers will be encouraged to highlight LGBT role models.

"It helps if we teach our students the meaningful contributions of a variety of people and that way those people aren't other people, they're all of us," school board member Maureen Dinnen told the Sun-Sentinel.

There's much hope that Broward's resolution will help alleviate antigay bullying in the district, which is implementing new measures to cut down on harassment.

"The [resolution] will make a difference now that it's finally passed," high school senior Lapoloean Washington told the newspaper. Read more here.