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Op-ed Contribution Guidelines

The Advocate welcomes op-ed contributions to our website from experts, those with outstanding personal stories, or political commentators. If you'd like to contribute an op-ed to, please check out what we've already posted. Our op-eds try to accomplish a few things, which should be considered when selecting a topic:

Personal experience. Our readers like to hear about other LGBT lives and those of our allies.

Expertise. We like the voice to offer something most others can’t in terms of knowledge. It should be clear why you are writing this piece and not someone else.

Timeliness. Ideally the topic relates broadly to something happening in LGBT news.

Opinion. It’s an op-ed, not merely testimony or research, meaning it should come with an opinion about something that all of the above feed into.

If you have an idea for a topic like that, our op-eds run between 700 and 1,000 words. Please include a one- or two-line biography at the end. See other op-eds for examples. And we can accept the piece whenever you're ready, because we plan ahead.

If your op-ed is accepted by our editors, you'll hear back and should expect to collaborate on a round or two of revisions. Please use our contact form to send your submission. Select "PR/Communications" as your category.