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Number Crunch: The State of Big Screen and Small Screen LGBTs

Despite overwhelming successes including Milk, Blue Is the Warmest Color, Brokeback Mountain, and Weekend, the depiction of LGBTs at the movies hasn’t kept pace with audience sophistication. GLAAD’s annual Studio Responsibility Index for 2013 analyzes major films with queer characters, and whether the characterizations are responsible ones. 

Meanwhile, the Network Responsibility Index from GLAAD, which rates LGBT content on 15 television networks during 2013-2014, showed more inclusion in TV than in film. Nearly half of MTV’s prime-time hours were LGBT-inclusive. Not so the History channel, which received a failing grade. Did they assume we’re a recent invention?

Here's a look at the two regular reports by the numbers:

Numbers Film01x633 0

Numbers Film02x633 0

Numbers Tv01x633 0

Numbers Tv02x633 0

Numbers Tv03x633 0 0

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