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9 Best Sex Scenes of 2014

9 Best Sex Scenes of 2014


With on-screen passion between two characters of the same sex still rare, we're celebrating the best sex scenes of 2014.


1. Lafayette and James, True Blood
In episode 5 of True Blood season 7, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) got really close to Jessica's vampy boyfriend James (Nathan Parsons). In fact, they were so close they had sex in Sookie's front yard while hanging out of an SUV -- and got caught. If you haven't watched this scene, you've missed out on arguably Lafayette's sexiest moment in seven seasons.



2. Rachel and Lisa, House of Cards
When Rachel (Rachel Brosnahan) and Lisa (Kate Lyn Sheil) became "roommates," we knew there would be fireworks. In this scene, Rachel and Lisa get really cozy in bed, while Stamper spies on their moment. Although we don't have a clip, you can watch the scene on Netflix.

3. Connor and Paxton, How to Get Away With Murder
Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee) likes sex ... a lot. In episode 4 of the first season of How to Get Away with Murder, Connor has steamy office sex with an executive assistant named Paxton. While this scene is to die for, Connor's man-on-man action with Paxton isn't the only of the show's pairings to make our list.


4. Connor and Oliver, How to Get Away With Murder
Deep down, we believe Connor wants to be with Oliver. They had several intimate scenes throughout the season, but the most memorable happened in the first episode. When Connor and Oliver connected for the first time, it was pretty hot.

5. Meechum and Frank, House of Cards
House of Cards is a political roller coaster of manipulation, murder, and PG three-ways. Although this scene is relatively tame, it's quite possibly the most shocking sex scene in the show's history. Season 2 had many twists and turns, and Frank's bisexuality was hinted at, but nothing prepared audiences for this passionate menage a trois.

6. Oberyn and Olyvar, Game of Thrones
In season 4, Olyvar is one of Oberyn's favorite partners. Oberyn and Ellaria arrive at King's Landing and quickly visit a brothel where Olyvar tempts them with three prostitutes. Oberyn is infatuated with Olyvar, who claims that he's unavailable. With a little coaxing, Olyvar reveals that he's available but "wildly expensive." Money is no object for Oberyn; he demands that Olyvar strip and then grabs his crotch. Pretty hot, right?

Orangeisthenewblackx633_07. Poussey and Franziska, Orange Is the New Black
Before Poussey fell for Taystee, she was in love with Franziska. To Poussey, love is just "chilling, you know? Kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes, and like, not even wanting to go to sleep, 'cause then you might be without 'em for a minute. And you don't want that." In a sexy flashback, Poussey and Franziska make love in Germany before Poussey's father rudely interrupts. You can watch this scene on Netflix; it's episode 6 of season 2.

8. Patrick and Richie, Looking
Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and Richie (Raul Castillo) have had some steamy moments, and HBO doesn't hold back when it comes to sex scenes. In this super sexy clip from Looking, Patrick wakes up next to Richie, showers and gets a... just watch the clip.

9. Bar Love, Interior. Leather Bar.
Interior. Leather Bar. is a docufiction film directed by James Franco and Travis Matthews. The film attempts to re-create approximately 40 minutes of deleted scenes from the 1980 film Cruising. The "lost" footage, conceptualized by Franco and Matthews, is basically pornography. The film itself is not rated. Watch the trailer below and experience the whole film in all its BDSM glory on Netflix.
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