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Gallery of Geek: Tim Paul

Gallery of Geek: Tim Paul


Creative and quirky artist draws perfectly polished pop culture art.

Out artist Tim Paul is a longtime geek with a love of fantasy, Dungeon and Dragons, and Marvel's super successful line of movies. He's an artist who brings unique design elements to his colorful pop culture illustrations.

The Advocate sat down for a chat with this talented creator about his inspirations, his thoughts on the state of modern comic books, and how being queer influences his work.

The Advocate: What inspires you to create?
The need to create is different than being inspired to create. I've always had a need to create. Growing up, all my favorite things to do revolved around creating. Playing with Legos, the Mickey Mouse Light up Drawing Desk I had. Even felt scraps. I would cut out all kinds of different facial shapes, and spend hours re-arranging the eyes, nose, and hair into as many different combinations I could come up with. What inspires my illustrations most are people. People who inspire to create a story when you look at them. The human experience, our stories, our past, and where we are going.

Does being queer influence your artwork?
Not as much these days as in the past. Much of the work I do does not revolves around gay culture. I work to make the best art for the project. If it includes a high level of diversity, that's great. I believe in the need for diversity. When I do create gay/queer material, I also try and make it universal, by focusing on the story and the emotions, so that anyone can relate to what I'm presenting. I prefer to make stuff that is as inclusive as I can be, rather than work towards a niche audience.

What was your gateway art drug into the world of geek culture?
Definitely fantasy art. I loved mythology and fantasy growing up. Pure escapism for me. I was, and still am, a big Dungeons and Dragons player, and even DM a campaign about once a month at the Tor Books office. In high school, I thought I'd become a fantasy illustrator. I didn't. But I have been returning to the subject of fantasy and mythology these days for work.

What geeky things are you currently obsessed with?
Fairy tales. I'm currently reading Chinese Fairy tales and Fantasies, published by the Folio Society, translated by Moss Roberts and beautifully illustrated by Victo Ngai, and The Complete First Edition of the Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm, published by Princeton, translated by Jack Zipes and illustrated by Andrea Dezso.

Do you have any projects you're working on that are coming out in the near future?
I illustrated a Finn McCool story for Storytime Magazine, a UK based children magazine, which comes out in the March issue. I'm currently working on a book of inspiration based on Buddhist teachings and philosophy for young adults to deal with modern problems. Personal projects include a version of Little Red Riding Hood, for 7-9 year olds.

Do you have a favorite superhero character? If so, why them and what do they mean to you?
I don't have a current favorite superhero. I think superhero comics are in a flux state right now. So it'd hard to get into anything, because it feels like the creators/writers are changing too fast. No one can really get some good traction in story telling before they move on to bigger, better things, or get replaced because of the bottom line. So it seems like the industry is treading the same material and stories.

I am, however, really enjoying all the Marvel movies, because it's clear, someone is looking at every aspect, and making sure it's consistent. So they are fitting together nicely. But in a way that you aren't lost if you don't see one of the movies.

Personally, I'd like to see something new come along. Not Marvel, not DC. I'd like to see a different approach to superheroes happen, that doesn't focus so much on 'Phenomenal Cosmic Powers' and physical confrontation as the main solution to all problems.

Take a look at a collection of Tim's art below and for more follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and his website.

Tim-paul-001_0Cafe Love

Tim-paul-002_0Feb 2

Tim-paul-003_0Fashion Picnic

Tim-paul-004_0Jack Spades
Tim-paul-005_0Big Food Tea



Tim-paul-008_0Red in the Woods

Tim-paul-009_0Cornelius Klondike


Tim-paul-011_0Hoard Sitter



Tim-paul-014_0Moose Final

Tim-paul-015_0MTA Zoo

Tim-paul-016_0NYC GMC 2014 Holiday Show

Tim-paul-017_0Mario Queen of the Circus

Tim-paul-018_0The Monocle
Tim-paul-019_0Shopping Girl



Tim-paul-022_0Krampus or Hipster

Tim-paul-023_0Santa Lumbersexual

Tim-paul-024_0Rocket Talk

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