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Artist Spotlight: Paul Reitz

Artist Spotlight: Paul Reitz

We were very happy to run a portfolio of Paul Reitz's work in 2010. We came across the original images on the hard drive and suddenly had the urge to see more. Paul quickly responded with these new images and a few words to fill us in on what has been happening for him (and his models) in the last few years. You can see the original images we ran further along in this collection.

Paul tells us, "I've been very active with Axiom for Men, which has received some outstanding press for its focus on LGBT charities. is the website, and you'll see some shots of Stu Reardon — by me — there.

"Don Hood, Levi Jackson, and Stu Reardon are my muses and good friends in various aspects of the fashion and male beauty worlds. Stu and I are working on a calendar for the coming year, and I'm catching up on editing some special projects in advance of the fashion week madness which is coming up in early September. I'll be shooting some editorial fashion work in the coming month and focusing on some fitness and body/beauty shoots as well.

"Matthew Zink of Charlie by Matthew Z was kind enough to supply swimwear for the shoot with Bobby Sullivan on a blazing hot summer day in Tulsa, my hometown."

For more of Paul's work check out his sites —
Instagram: PaulReitzPhoto

Bobby Sullivan

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Bobby Sullivan


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