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Hot Sheet: Surfers and Screaming

Hot Sheet: Surfers and Screaming


The old Halloween franchise gets yet another installment, while plenty of half-naked dudes from Down Under steam up your DVD player.

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- Halloween II: Rob Zombie has a word for you Halloween purists, and that's "suck it." Yes, technically that's two words, but if you're a fan of Rob Zombie's movies then you know that counting is only something you do when you have a house of corpses and you need to know how many. And those corpses get busy piling up in this sequel to the remake of a movie that already had a sequel. So this is the sequel that's also a remake of a sequel. Or something.

- The Final Destination (pictured): The addition of a simple "the" to the title changes the game entirely. Kind of like how Fast & Furious was a totally different movie from The Fast & the Furious . Now, in this fourth installment of the wildly entertaining mechanized-death-stalks-doomed-teens franchise, we are led to believe that Death will finally be defeated and be allowed a long vacation from constructing elaborate killing scenarios. Hope not, because these movies are a blast.

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