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Lynch and Sykes Talk Entertainment

Lynch and Sykes Talk Entertainment


In anticipation for the Emmys,The Hollywood Reporter is conducting a series of interviews called the "Emmy Roundtable," which highlights television heavy hitters.

Recently, the roundtable featured lesbians Jane Lynch of Glee and comedian Wanda Sykes. Lynch and Sykes opened up about their creative processes and what truly makes a woman funny.

"It's about having confidence in your lack of confidence," Lynch said in the article.

Lynch reveals she does not watch many episodes of Glee, but she watched herself sing on the Madonna-themed episode.

"I turned to my dog and said, 'You're mommy's funny,'" Lynch said.

Sykes discussed some of the obstacles she faces as a female entertainer.

"It's harder for women," Sykes said. "There are certain boundaries that people don't want you to cross. Men, whatever they do inappropriate, it's accepted. The more they cross that line, people find it even funnier."

The actresses joined Courtney Cox, Felicity Huffman, Patricia Heaton, and Sofia Vergara of Modern Family for the interview.

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