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Camille Paglia Defends Madonna Op-ed

Camille Paglia Defends Madonna Op-ed


Lesbian social critic and feminist Camille Paglia revisits her classic op-ed that declared Madonna "the future of feminism" on the 20th anniversary of its publication in The New York Times.

In a video interview Paglia stands by her assessment of the pop icon in 1990 during the era of the controversial and sexually charged "Justify My Love" video. She calls the op-ed "prophetic" and warns that feminists today dismiss Sarah Palin, whom Paglia considers a harbinger of a new kind of feminism, at their peril.

"All those tyrants, all those Puritans, all those prudes that I was attacking in that piece -- indeed, they, like, wither away like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz ," shouts Paglia. "They're completely gone and I'm still here, and so are all the other pro-sex feminists."

Watch Paglia defend the piece.

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