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Joss Stone On Ricky Martin and Kissing Girls

Joss Stone On Ricky Martin and Kissing Girls

Pop star Joss Stone says she's "snogged girls" before, and thinks duet partner Ricky Martin is a great father, in a revealing new interview with PrideSource.

Stone sang with Martin on his single "The Best Thing ABout Me Is You" and describes him as physically gorgeous, as well as a lovely person. "He totally welcomed me into his home with open arms," she recalls. "And what a great dad! Those two kids, he loves them — and I love to see that. He'll drop everything for his kids. It says a lot about him."

Stone, who has performed at GLAAD and Pride events, says issues that affect LGBT people are important to her. "It's always been something that's been close to my heart because a lot of my best mates are gay. It's important that everybody gets treated the same," she says. "I don't like prejudice in any kind of way, whether it's color or sexual preference. I just think it's disgusting the way that people treat people who are a little bit different."

Stone remembers kissing a female costar in the unreleased film Snappers, but says it wasn't her first time. "I've snogged girls before in my time," she reveals. "But I'm not a lesbian. I swear it, I'm not! I don't think I could go in that direction, but I have snogged girls before when I was little. Of course I have. That's what we do as girls."

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