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Gallery of Geek: Glen Hanson

Gallery of Geek: Glen Hanson

Glen Hanson is known for his stunningly beautiful book covers, his sexy male pinups, his cartoonish caricatures, and his love of superheroes, just to name a few of the subjects readers will be lucky enough to peruse among Hanson’s gorgeous art pieces.

The Advocate spoke with Hanson about his childhood inspirations, his obsession with a certain mutant, and how being queer influences his work.

The Advocate: What inspires you to create?
Glen Hanson: Many things. Oftentimes it’s something I see in the moment … someone’s face while I’m talking to them, a photo of someone, or a performance of some sort. Music is incredibly inspiring. Other creativity inspires my creativity! If I’m working on a job, then I have to summon inspiration on the spot, which I’ve become quite good at.
Does being queer influence your artwork?
I don’t think about it in quite that way, but yes, how could it not? I know that sexuality, both male and female, have a strong influence on my work, and many of my tastes, whether they are “fabulous” or “camp,” certainly fall under that category. I think my politics and any message I might include are very much influenced by being part of a marginalized social group that in many ways is still fighting for equality.
What was your gateway art drug into the world of geek culture?
Growing up, what wasn't? Animation, sci-fi, fantasy, ancient mythology, and comics!
What geeky things are you currently obsessed with?
I know I’m “the last homo at the party,” but I did my first Storm drawing recently, so I’m finally getting into her. I see a “Storm Obsession” on the horizon!
What's a new/exciting/upcoming project we can look forward too?
Well, I have some paper doll costumes currently in Lady Gaga’s Art Rave tour, and I have my line of T-shirts, greeting cards, and I’m creating more Goddess Girls covers for the Simon & Schuster book series. As well as special Broadway Caricature holiday merchandise for Broadway Cares out this fall. Hoping to get some of my own fantasy-oriented books and animation projects off the ground this year too! Trust that I’m always busy creating new stuff for people to read, watch, wear and frame!
You must have a favorite superhero character, right? Who might it be?
Now and forever … my girl Wonder Woman.

For more on Glen Hanson:
Instagram: @instaglenhanson
Twitter: @glenhansonnyc

See more of Hanson's work on the following pages.


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