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Hot Sheet: If That Mockingjay Don't Sing...

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10. FILM: Hotline
In the age of email and the Internet, are hotlines still relevant? This is the topic examined in Hotline, a new documentary about the human connection achieved by talking to another person through phone-sex lines, prayer lines, suicide hotlines, and more. Written and directed by Tony Shaff, the film, which won Best Feature Documentary at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, speaks to hotline gurus like the psychic Miss Cleo, Brad Becker of the GLBT Hotline, and Jeff Ragsdale, who as a social experiment put up fliers around New York urging strangers to call him “to talk about anything.” Hotline is now available on iTunes, Google play, and YouTube. Watch the trailer below. — Daniel Reynolds

HOTLINE Trailer from Hotline Documentary on Vimeo.

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9. THEATER: The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes
In what’s become a San Francisco holiday tradition, four of the city’s top drag performers will stage classic episodes of the beloved TV series The Golden Girls. Heklina (Dorothy), Cookie Dough (Sophia), Matthew Martin (Blanche), and Pollo Del Mar (Rose) will offer their interpretations of “From Here to the Pharmacy” and “Journey to the Center of Attention” December 4-21 at the Victoria Theatre. If you want them to thank you for being a friend, reserve a ticket here. — Trudy Ring


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