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Kelly Clarkson "Stronger" for Ron Paul?

Kelly Clarkson "Stronger" for Ron Paul?


The National Organization for Marriage may not like presidential hopeful Ron Paul, but pop singer Kelly Clarkson does -- although she's backtracked a bit after hearing about some of the controversies surrounding him.

Clarkson tweeted Wednesday, "I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last Republican nomination, and no one gave him a chance. If he wins the nomination for the Republican Party in 2012, he's got my vote. Too bad he probably won't."

Clarkson's followers, however, quickly pointed out antigay and racist passages in newsletters that have gone out under Paul's name over the years (he has disavowed them), ABC News reports. She said she had never heard that Paul was accused of racism, and she added that she voted Democratic, presumably for President Obama, in 2008, but she considers herself a Republican.

"I am really sorry if I have offended anyone," she said. "Obviously, that was not my intent. I do not support racism. I support gay rights, straight rights, women's rights, men's rights, white/black/purple/orange rights. I like Ron Paul because he believes in less government and letting the people (all of us) make the decisions and mold our country. That is all. Out of all of the Republican nominees, he's my favorite."

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Kelly Clarkson "Stronger" for Ron Paul?

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