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PHOTOS: Remembering The Birth of Pride

PHOTOS: Remembering The Birth of Pride

Artifacts of Early Activism

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LGBT protesters picket the ABC offices concerning the broadcast of the Marcus Welby, M.D., episode "The Outrage." The demonstration was one of many over the misrepresentation of LGBT people by the media.


WhatRiot 5

Gaby front cover and inside pages: Behavior modification product manual advertising electroshock therapy devices used to treat homosexuals in the 1950s, property of ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives.


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One of the "Fagots [sic] Stay Out" signs that instigated the Gay Liberation Front protests against Barney's Beanery. 1969.


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Gay Liberation Front protest on the streets regarding the first gay pride parade permits, June 1970


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"Let Every Pansy Bloom" banner at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day pride parade, June 25, 1978


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