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Rachel Maddow Gushes About Her NYT Crossword

Rachel Maddow

Amidst the latest Trump turmoil, Rachel Maddow had news she could not wait to tell her MSNBC audience — she was being published in The New York Times. The out journalist wasn't publishing an op-ed, but a crossword puzzle. The Friday crossword puzzle, to be exact; the hardest one of the workweek.

“Will Shortz tore the whole thing apart and put it back together,” Maddow said, speaking of the veteran Times puzzle editor. “But I mean, technically, I did it!”

Maddow was very excited, going on to say, “I’m a childless, middle-aged, potbellied lesbian, and I don’t have that much to be excited about in my life other than having a great job. This is kind of it, like there will never be a baby, but there’s this freaking crossword puzzle, and I am very, very excited about it!”

Watch Maddow happily talk about her puzzle below and click here to play:

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