Couple Told 'You Can’t Be Gay in My Cab'

Couple Told 'You Can’t Be Gay in My Cab'

Two Portland women say they were kicked out of a taxi cab on Thursday and left alongside an interstate at midnight when the driver objected to them being affectionate.

“You can’t be gay in my cab,” they recall being told, according to KOIN.

Kate Neal told NWCN that she and her girlfriend had taken a Broadway Cab home with another friend. All three were booted when the couple was affectionate.

They called yet another Broadway cab and were kicked out of that one after the two drivers spoke, according to what Neal told NWCN.

The first driver has been suspended. And the taxi company's president issued a statement on Facebook saying that both the city and Broadway would investigate further.

"Discrimination should not, cannot and will not be tolerated," wrote President Raye Miles, though he said the investigation meant he couldn't comment on the specifics of the case. "I would like to take this opportunity to say that Broadway Cab is fully committed to the concept and practice of non-discrimination, equal opportunity, and diversity. This includes any form of discrimination based upon an individual’s sexual orientation."

The three women eventually made it home only after finding a police officer — who said he was actually looking for them. Someone had called the police to complain about a woman who refused to pay a cab fare. The women explained their side, according to KATU, and the officer gave them a ride home.

Watch the KATU report below.

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