WATCH: Americans Don't Care About Gay Marriage

WATCH: Americans Don't Care About Gay Marriage

Susie Sampson and her "Tea Party Report" have a tagline: "Balancing the lamestream media by good Southern reportin' on Tea Party values!"

Sampson, a self-proclaimed fan of fellow satirist Stephen Colbert, first caught our eye with her sardonic yet spot-on reporting from the Democratic and Republican National Conventions last year, and now she's done it again by doing her own survey to validate the numerous polls that find a majority of Americans support marriage equality.

But according to Sampson's survey and man-on-the-street interviews, the reality is quite the opposite: Americans don't care about gay marriage at all! When Sampson asked a variety of folks — some gay, some straight, some older, some younger — what they think about marriage equality, the response was a resounding "Whatever."

Watch Sampson take to the streets in the video below. 


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