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9 Undeniable Reasons the St. Patrick's Day Parade Needs the Gays

9 Undeniable Reasons the St. Patrick's Day Parade Needs the Gays


You'll never find the pot of gold if you can't see the rainbow.

Despite a promise to end its ban by 2015, the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Manhattan continues to bar LGBT groups from participating in its festivities. However, it made one exception this year, which has given activists hope: Out @ NBC Universal was allowed to march in this weekend's parade.

The Advocate recently spoke to members and allies of the media company's LGBT group at its 10th anniversary party in order to brainstorm reasons why the ban on LGBT people is not only unjust and discriminatory, it's just plain silly. After all, no one can throw a parade quite like the LGBT community!

Here are nine reasons compiled from responses by Ross Mathews, cast members of The Royals, Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith (Days of Our Lives), and Advocate editors on why the Irish are missing out.

1. Expertise
We're amazing marchers!


2. Rainbows
How else would you find a pot of gold?


3. Choreography
Let's spice up those jigs.


4. Gingers
We love 'em!


5. Gender-nonconforming Dress
It's more than just kilts!

6. Drag Queens
What's better than a leprechaun? A leprechaun in heels.


7. Statistics
Six percent of Ireland is gay!


8. Semantics
Can't say "Gaelic" without "gay"!


9. Shared History of Oppression
We're stronger when we work together.



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