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Day In Gay America

November 9, 2012

November 9, 2012


An amazing assortment of images came in from our readers as part of "A Day in Gay America." From silly and creative, to meaningful and heartfelt, this is what you were doing on November 9, 2012.

The response from readers on our website, Twitter, and Instagram was awesome this year. (And we couldn't be more grateful, or moved.) In this final installment of the project, we select 100+ of our favorites to share. Keep an eye out for our famous friends.


12:30 a.m., New York City: Illustrator Robert de Michiell and his husband, Broadway general manager Jeffrey M. Wilson, leave the opening night party for the Broadway revival of Annie.


4 a.m., Keuka Park, N.Y.: "My girlfriend and I decided to pull an all-nighter one night to get caught up on some work we had in our classes. By the time 4 a.m. rolled around, we started getting a little silly and giggly, and took a bunch of pictures together to capture the fun time we were having." -- Frankie Venturo


6 a.m., Austin: Jorge Gonzalez and buddy Joe working on shoulders before they head in to work.


6:09 a.m. New York City: Cheyenne Jackson's at an early-morning voice-over gig.


6:10 a.m., Princeton, Mo: Kyle Meinke gets ready for his pathology residency interviews.


6:40 a.m., Philadelphia: Newly elected state representative Brian Sims says goodbye, campaign beard!


6:45 a.m., Waikiki, Hawaii: George Takei in Room K-2557 of Hilton Hawaiian Village, reviewing the call sheet for Hawaii Five-0, the CBS TV series filmed in Hawaii. He is preparing to film his scenes as a guest star in an episode titled "Kahu."


6:59 a.m., Los Angeles: Kevin and Don Norte thank their lucky stars as they make sure United Airlines Flight 1703 from L.A. to Newark, N.J., is not delayed. They are relieved that United resumed service to Newark. The couple are flying back to assist in relief efforts at the Jersey Shore, where they first met at 16 in 1978, working together as busboys in one of the shore's best seafood resturants. The Prop. 8 couple also hopes that New Jersey governor Chris Christie will consider his marriage veto from earlier this year because Christie should protect all families in this time of crisis.


7:05 a.m., Elko, Nev.: Tanya Hall and her partner get ready for their cardiac cath procedure for the day.


7:21 a.m., Oahu, Hawaii: Kenton and Johnny Wandasan start off the day with a cool morning hike.


7:30 a.m., Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: HM2(SW) US Navy Hospital Corpsman Jeffry Priela is a member of the military advisory council of the newly formed group OutServe-SLDN, which is for active duty LGBT members of the military. He's also founding vice president for the Gay Men's Chorus of Honolulu and an Equality Hawaii board member. His photo was taken in Hawaii after the biannual Navy Physical Readiness Test at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, and the memorial shown is of the Missing Man Formation.


7:49 a.m., London: Artist Michael Petry cuts his partner's hair.


8 a.m., Orlando, Fla.: "I am inspiring and educating our LGBT U.S. military personnel regarding fitness training and a healthy lifestyle," says Jonathan Gatz. His photo was taken during the Fresh Start Program at the OutServe-SLDN International Leadership Conference. Gatz said he plans to continue these training sessions at LGBT and U.S. military events around the world.


8:10 a.m., Pawleys Island, S.C.: Dad and author Tommy Starling and daughter Carrigan Starling-Littlefield before she leaves for school.


8:30 a.m., Washington, D.C.: "Our Lambda Law Society (LGBT Law Society) organized a softball team to play in a D.C.-wide law school softball tournament. We didn't win but had a great time." --Brandon Roman


8:50 a.m. Los Angeles: Screenwriter David Michael Barrett in the backyard of his Silver Lake home, holding Puccini, his Italian greyhound, and Zoey, his Labradoodle. Photography by David's very patient husband, Mark Peters.


8:51 a.m., Washington, D.C.: Daniel Baczkowski and Jeoff Lara discuss the needs of the building for the rest of the day at the Human Rights Campaign headquarters.


9 a.m., New York City: Angel Almeida has some family time before heading to work.


9:15 a.m., Fairfield, Calif.: "Female pilots rarely get to fly together, and I had the chance to fly with one of my best friends, Liz," said Julie Honeycutt, pictured on the right. "We have known each other since being stationed together in Germany and now at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California. Liz was the first person I worked with that I told I was gay, and I appreciated how it was a nonissue to her and had no effect on our great friendship. Life in the military is getting better now that DADT has been removed."


9:15 a.m., Las Vegas: Sheila W. Frances tells us, "I am sitting at my table/desk browsing through Facebook and YouTube. About an hour ago, I got up, showered, made my bed, and ate a bowl of cereal. No, I have not done my morning dishes nor last night's dishes. I will do that soon. Shortly, I will talk to a friend or two on the phone. Probably make plans to go again to see Cloud Atlas. We saw it last week and were overwhelmed, deciding we needed to see it again and process it together afterwards. Later today, two of my youngest granddaughters will come over to stay the night with me. We will watch Avatar: The Last Airbender animation. We probably will watch the new Tinker Bell movie streaming online. We will laugh and talk about what we watched. And, as always, have snacks!"


9:45 a.m., Los Angeles: Bernard Rook, EVP and GM of Here Media (parent company of The Advocate) taking a quick break to read the Beth Ditto article in the latest issue of The Advocate.


9:58 a.m., Nashville: Stephen Loveless sent this image of a typical LGBTQI Life morning with staff and students enjoying coffee and chatting at the K.C. Potter center at Vanderbilt University.


9:58 a.m., Los Angeles: Andrew Rannells and the fantastic makeup supervisor, Mary Klimek, on set of NBC's The New Normal.


10:00 a.m., Olympia, Wash.: Jim Yatman and Fred moved back to Fred's native Washington when they both retired. They love living in Olympia and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The seasonal colors are vibrant, and they enjoy watching the seasons change. Jim and Fred love living in a state where their 22 years together are finally legally recognized.


10:12 a.m., Eureka Springs, Ark.: Ryan Sallans chills.


10:13 a.m., New York City: "After I fold the laundry, my dog Brillo likes to roll around in it. I joined him today. He's a rescue that we've had for five months now. He was abandoned in a dog park in the Bronx. He's heaven and looks like the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp." --Cheyenne Jackson


10:17 a.m., Menomonie, Wis.: Dr. Erin Hall-Rhoades, family physician and medical director of Student Health Services, writes a prescription for a student at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Photo taken by her wife, Dr. Alexandra Hall, who also works at the clinic. Together they have worked a combined 12 years in the field of college health.


10:34 a.m., Napa, Calif.: Greg Miraglia is preparing for class at the Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center Basic Police Academy.


10:40 a.m., Los Angeles: Dustin Lance Black directs a commercial for Wells Fargo.


10:55 a.m., Los Angeles: Michelle Bonilla on a telephone conference in her car. "I'm always on the go. So sometimes my best meetings happen when I pull over. LOL!"


11 a.m., Austin: Paul Smith, fitness director at the Lake Austin Spa Resort, starts the morning swinging.


11 a.m., Asheville, N.C.: Pastor David Eck helps a youth make a God's eye at Fiesta Latina.


11:05 a.m., Roanoke Rapids, N.C: Rocco Katastrophe and Harvey Katz (Athens Boys Choir). "We are currently touring on the East Coast. This photo was snapped moments ago, after our car broke down. Wish us luck with the carless rest of the tour."


11:06 a.m., Patagonia, Argentina:Advocate columnist and Broadway hoofer John Carroll hikes the Perito Moreno Glacier.


11:10 a.m., Lincoln, Neb.: Lt. Col. Philip L. "Flip" Fields, instructor pilot and commander C Flight, 173rd Air Refueling Squadron, goes over his preflight checklist on the KC-135 Stratotanker in Lincoln. Fields came out to his military family after 20 years of serving in the closet after marrying his partner of seven years in October. Fields says he hopes his rank and time in service will inspire others military members to come out of the closet.


11:15 a.m., Los Angeles: GLAAD president Herndon Graddick and actor and new staffer Wilson Cruz monitor the media, apparently on Herndon's iPhone.


11:15 a.m.: Los Angeles: Katie Simms tells us, "I work as a midwife at UCLA, where I care for women during their pregnancies, as well as during their labor and birth. It's an incredibly rewarding job; I spend my days in the only part of the hospital where patients are happy and healthy. My beautiful, strong cousin, Laura, has been battling leukemia for nearly eight months and has been receiving amazing care here at UCLA. She has been in and out of the hospital in that time, and despite the horrible disease that is cancer, we have grown very close and have spent a lot of downtime together when I have slow days at work. It has been a blessing to get to spend this time with her and to watch her as she continues to win her battle. Contrary to popular belief, hospitals are inspiring places of health, healing, and family."


11:30 A.M., New Haven, Conn: Storm Miguel Florez tells us, "My wyfe, Annalise Ophelian and I leaving our hotel after speaking/performing at Yale's Trans Week."


11:34 a.m., New York City: Our very own New York facilities team, receptionist-office coordinator Kevin Gavit (left) and HR manager Kirk Pacheco, making the magazine magic happen.


11:48 a.m., Pacoima, Calif.: School counselor Osvelio Lastre meeting with one of his eighth-grade students, discussing upcoming progress report card grades and goals for the last five weeks of the fall semester.


11:50 a.m., Hopkinsville, Ky: "This is me and my beautiful daughter Sydney. She loves for us to make silly faces whenever I try to take a pic with her. She's my greatest accomplishment." -- Joseph Harris


12 noon, New York City: Christian Garcia living and shopping in New York.


12:10 p.m., Los Angeles: On the days that Daryl Stephens is not at an audition, he tries to spend at least three hours out of his house writing. Today, he's working on his second novel at the Lyric Cafe in Silver Lake.


12:10 p.m., Pittsburgh: Heather Storm works the mike.


12:14 p.m., Ann Arbor, Mich.: Staff and volunteers at the University of Michigan Spectrum Center gather around a table for a communal lunch as part of the office's Volunteer Appreciation Day. Photo sent by Cameron Breither.


12:14 p.m., Grinnell, Iowa: "After two days of travel, I returned to campus in time for a lunch meeting with members of the Student Government Association -- a good reminder of the energy, commitment intellectual curiosity, and passion that are among the rewards of being the president of Grinnell College." --Grinnell College president Raynard Kington, photo via Stacey Schmeidel


12:30 p.m., Dallas, Ga: Haley Hicks is having a tooth cut out today. "My awesome girlfriend held my hand the whole time."


12:32 p.m., Tulsa, Okla.: Partners and founders of Spexton Jewelry, Nathan McPherson and Greg Shelton, spend the afternoon handcrafting designer wedding bands with hopes that marriage equality will make it to their state one day.


12:50 p.m., Portland, Ore.: Our Day in Gay America mission: To prevent new HIV infections, support and empower people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, and eliminate HIV/AIDS-related stigma. The photo captures dedicated individuals working to usher in our future day free of AIDS. Photo sent by Benjamin Gerritz.


1 p.m.: Kuna, Idaho: My wife, youngest son. and and me -- Michelle Forsmo -- playing in the leaves in the front yard.


1:11 p.m., San Francisco: The Olivia Travel team hanging out at their map. Photo via Tisha Floratos.


1:14 p.m., Seattle: Dan Savage and husband Terry Miller cut into a ceremonial giant rainbow cake in the shape of Washington State to celebrate the approval of Referendum 74. Photograph by Kelly O.


1:30 p.m., Los Angeles:Advocate managing editor Neal Broverman has a nice little lunch in Westwood Village.


1: 37 p.m., Little Rock, Ark.: Anthony Loverde says having to make a very important decision - wear old clothes for the 'Color Run' tomorrow, or go out and buy new ones?


1:47 p.m., New York City: Museum director Hunter O'Hanian and director of operations Rob Hugh Rosen discuss the current Del LaGrace Volcano exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. Photo via Steve Deitsch.


1:58 p.m., Los Angeles: "Self-portrait taken with my boyfriend, Rafal, at Kate and Edward's wedding at the Cesar Chavez Courthouse in Los Angeles. Kate and Edward legalized their relationship after dating for four weeks. I've attended many weddings, but this was the first time I ever felt getting married was a privilege due to Kate and Edward's ability to tie the knot after such a short period of time. Hopefully one day soon it will be an option for gay couples to legally marry the one they love." --John Arsenault (in pink shoes)


2 p.m., San Francisco: Jonathan Bookman and his daughter get ready to disperse his mother's ashes in the San Francisco Bay. They traveled from Texas to do so.


2:05 p.m., York, Pa.: Amanda Redwine is celebrating accepting a job with a company that offers domestic-partner insurance.


2:10 p.m., Columbus, Ohio: Liam Pal and his friend Omar celebrating life at the Union Cafe.


2:35 p.m., Northern Michigan: Musician Natalia Zukerman teaches at a songwriting retreat.


2:38 p.m., New York City: Joey Arias and Sherry Vine rehearsing for their big new show.


2:51 p.m., San Francisco: Dana Contreras, systems engineer, at her desk at Twitter headquarters.


2:30 p.m.,Los Angeles: Producing partners Jamison Hebert and Andrea James in the Eagle Rock neighborhood mailing out DVDs of their children's film, Family Restaurant. "We made the film because there are very few shows out there specifically for kids of people in our community," says James. "I wrote the film after Jamie and his husband, Alec Mapa, adopted their son Zion, and their family stars in it as the heroes who save the day."


2:49 p.m., Nashville: Kindergarten teacher Greg Warren instructs kids on the importance of Veterans Day.


2:51 p.m., Chicago: Nathan Adloff's two-year-old kitty, Gertie, is small enough to sit on his shoulder. She likes to jump up there as he works on writing his new screenplay about when he was the only guy on the girls' volleyball team in school in small-town Illinois.


2:52 p.m., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.: Richard Gluckman and his partner, Arthur, on Arthur's 66th birthday. They have been together 44 years. Arthur holds a picture of them taken in 1981 on Fire Island.


3 p.m., Los Angeles: Dan Bucatinsky on the Sunset Gower Studios set of Scandal as James, the husband of the gay chief of staff.


3 p.m., Chicago: At the Hoover-Leppen Theater, the cast and crew at the final dress rehearsal of At the Flash, a new play by Sean Chandler and David Leeper.


3:14 p.m., California: "My husband, Jamison Hebert, our son, Zion Joseph Hebert-Mapa, and me on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco." --Alec Mapa


3:16 p.m., New York City: Shilletha Curtis and her girlfriend sitting in the Egyptian section of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, cracking up.


3:20 p.m., Caldwell Woods, Ill.: Beckett, Baba, Charlotte, and Mama (Boyd Bellinger) out for a stroll on this surprisingly mild Chicago day at the Cook County Forest Preserve.


3:20 p.m., Rural Pennsylvania: Jerry Kott (left) and Scott Bolestridge and their beloved Kobe at their property in rural Pennsylvania in an installation titled Dream Park (a spiritual theme park). They are celebrating their 42nd year together.


3:25 p.m., Los Angeles: Actors Drew Droege, Sam Pancake, and Jackie Beat rehearse the witches' scene from Macbeth for a Los Angeles Drama Club benefit to take place at the Magic Castle, while an oversize image of Piper Laurie from the movie Carrie photo-bombs the trio.


3:30 p.m., Fremont, Calif.: Members of Tri-City Health Center's transgender program, TransVision, and transgender advisory board, prepare memorial boards of their friend Brandy Martell, for Oakand's annual Transgender Day for Remembrance event November 16. Brandy Martell worked for TransVision for 4 years. She was shot and killed in Oakland April 29. Her murder is still unsolved. Her name will be read during this year's event. Via Transgender Programs manager Tiffany Woods.


3:40 p.m., San Jose, Calif.: Fabian Jimenez at work inspecting the clarity of a diamond to showcase to customers.


4:04 p.m., London: Performer Mark Pinkosh (left) and his playwright partner, Godfrey Hamilton, rehearsing their latest collaboration.


4:28 p.m., New London, Conn.: John Waters arrives at the train station on the way to give his "This Filthy World" lecture at the Alliance for Living benefit at the Garde Art Center.


4:10 p.m., New York City: "Doing some writing in my office. I have a publishing deal with SONY/ATV and I am putting finishing touches on some songs we are pitching to Michael Buble." --Cheyenne Jackson


4:30 p.m., Sydney, Australia: "I am an Australian who has been living in Los Angeles since 2003. Being part of a binational LGBT couple, I am forced to be separated from my American partner, and since October 2012 I am now living back in Sydney, Australia. Whilst I am working on getting back to America to be with my boyfriend, part of my daily routine is instructing group fitness classes, which is a passion of mine. In this picture, I am on the podium instructing a Les Mill BodyPump class with over 25 participants." --Cameron Gray


4:15 p.m., Staunton, Va.: "Having fun with the kids on a warm fall afternoon at Gypsy Hill Park. We wanted a picture for A Day in Gay America and they decided it should be in the tree. Maybe because this is an activity we all love. Once they decided on the tree, it was very important to be IN a tree!! We had a wonderful afternoon in the park, one of our favorite places to go." --Carrie Humphreys


4:16 p.m., New York City: Joel Shoemaker from our advertising and sales department says, "Even though it's packed with tourists who walk way too slow, Times Square still amazes me every time I walk through it. For a guy raised in Utah who dreamed of living in New York, it's a fantastic walk between the subway and work."


4:18 p.m., Lincoln, R.I.: Scout tries on the vintage morning suit he was hoping to elope in but grimaces as he realizes he has to visit the tailor to get a bit more breathing room. Photography by


4:20 p.m., Boston: Family Equality Council staffers Heron Greenesmith and Denise Brogan-Kator get their late Friday afternoon meeting on, across states.


4:26 p.m., Kalaheo, Hawaii: Michael Wood (left) and Frank Campbell reinforce the fence behind their new Kauai home to ensure that the cattle stay on the state land in their absence. Soon Michael and Frank will return to California and tend to their first home. Together for 23 years and married in 2008, they look forward to the day their California marriage is fully recognized in both states and nationwide.


4:30 p.m., Seattle: Melissa Downs (left) with her partner, Louise, and their handsome son, Diego, ready to meet up with some friends for dinner.


4:43 p.m., Los Angeles: "Finished rewrites to my next film (which begins shooting in 3 weeks), Birthday Cake. The film is the sequel to our award-winning short film, Groom's Cake, which has won Best Short Film at festivals all over the country." -- Chad Darnell


4:52 p.m., Salt Lake City: Assistant stage manager Ashley Willingham gets her side of the stage ready for showtime. It's opening night for the University of Utah's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore.


5:17 p.m., New York City: Judy Evans sends us this picture of the lending library at the SAGE Center, the country's first full-time LGBT senior center.


5:21 p.m., San Francisco: editor Jase Peeples has just another average Friday with one of his best friends.


5:25 p.m., New York City:Out magazine publisher Greg Brossia still looks chipper at the end of the day at the Out/HereMedia offices in Midtown.


5:28 p.m., Garden Grove, Calif.: "Today, November 9, 2012, is exactly my 24th birthday! It's also been rainy for the past few days in Southern California. I love the rain in SoCal, as it brings the moisture to enliven trees and flowers in the region. It also brings a rainbow and its serendipitously dazzling light show for my birthday." -- Tristan (Tri-Tinh) Tran


5:30 p.m., San Francisco: Derick Safarian and Rob hanging out at Toad Hall with fake mustaches.


5:50 p.m., the Bronx, N.Y.: Daril Jimenez is a paramedic for the Fire Department of New York and says she loves saving lives and making a difference. Here she enjoys 50-degree weather with no jacket.


5:59 p.m., Los Angeles: Mark Smalley has his daily video chat with his binational partner of two years. Cameron was denied entry into the U.S. October 7, 2012.


6:10 p.m., Pasadena, Calif.: "This is an ordinary night for us -- my partner working on letters with our 2-year-old." --Trystan Reese


6:44 p.m., Palm Beach, Fla.: Casey Carlson and his boyfriend get ready to watch a movie.


6:29 p.m., Oakland, Mich.: Brandon Harrison tells us, "I'm a normal guy with a normal job. I work at the Boys & Girls Club. I love working with kids. I do more than just secretarial work; I help where I am needed. I contribute to tomorrow's adults. I have a helping hand in making sure that when those kids walk into the 'real' world, that they are great adults, better than the ones of today. I make a difference in the world for the better, contrary to popular belief. Whoever said a gay man can't do that, especially with children, was obviously mistaken."


6:30 p.m., San Francisco: Soniyah Singh of Finding Bliss, a gay matchmaking service, and J.P. Leddy, sales manager, CFO Rick Inc., an accounting firm. We're networking with other LGBT business leaders at the Vitality Forum at San Francisco's W Hotel.


6:30 p.m., Houston: Kevin Ramirez checks the purity of his crystals before he tries to purify them again at the University of Houston chemistry research labs.


6:38 p.m., Sharon Springs, N.Y.: Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell close down the Beekman 1802 Mercantile at the end of the day.


6:47 p.m., New York City: Illustrator Mel Odom tells us, "I'm trying on a Thierry Mugler top for the second time. The image on it is a drawing of mine. It's tight!


7:09 p.m., Placentia, Calif: Tiffany Florendo-Salinas says that when her wife gets excited she gets hyper and tends to bite her face. "I always reply with 'Why you bite me for?' She never has an answer."


7:11 p.m., San Francisco: Jackie Strano, COO of Good Vibrations, her wife, writer Shar Rednour, and their kids around the table.


7:50 p.m., Albuquerque, N.M.: Some of the members of New Mexico Outdoors (an outdoors club that has been serving the New Mexico gay community for over 20 years) spend a rainy, chilly evening inside for a games night. Playing Apples to Apples with the guys always brings out some great conversation and laughs. Photo via Fred Jerina.


7:28 p.m., Phoenix.: Mark, Joy and Donnie Larson, our family. We've raised Joy, Mark's biological daughter, since she was 2. This was her birthday party at our home.


7:30 p.m., Honolulu, Hawaii: Amanda Clifford with her pregnant partner and their 2-year-old, Tallulah.


7:36 p.m., Broken Arrow, Okla.: From musician Eric Himan -- "Here is a picture of me with my new in-laws (father, mother, brother, and sister in-law) for a Friday night family dinner. My partner, Ryan, and I were married in Tulsa (after 7-1/2 years together) this past August, and the wedding really healed and brought the family together. Ryan and I were especially honored when asked to be the godparents of our beautiful niece, Peyton (9 months), who I am holding. It's the simple things that make me feel part of this great family."


7:50 p.m., San Francisco: Chef Josie Malave in the kitchen at the Parkside, San Francisco.


7:53 p.m., Asheville, N.C.: Working on planning for Transgender Day of Remembrance, activists Benjamin Baechler and Basil Soper sort through stories to share at a public event memorializing and honoring victims of violence against trans people.


7:55 p.m., New York City: Max Von Essen tels us, "Every night, five minutes before the show starts, Rick comes into my dressing room to check on my microphone and make sure my hair looks OK. Then I head to the stage to play Agustin Magaldi in Evita."


8 p.m., Vidnoje, Russia: Seimone Augustus with her Russian team.


8 p.m., Phoenix: Julio Rodarte stands next to one of his pieces at the opening of his art show, "The Journey," in the A.E. England Gallery.


8:05 p.m., San Francisco: Sean Dorsey And Shawna Virago at the 2012 San Francisco Transgender Film Festival. Virago is the director of the festival and Dorsey is the director of Sean Dorsey Dance. The happy couple have been together, in love, and organizing the transgender community for 12 years.


8:11 p.m., New York City: Alicia Silverstone and Cheyenne Jackson prepping for their show, The Performers.


8:15 p.m., Baltimore: Ed Zarkowski (left) and Tony Viglione read a bedtime story to their 3-year-old daughter, Hayden.


8:18 p.m., Oklahoma City, Okla.: Bass player Vero Sanchez applies makeup in the van before the Hunter Valentine concert. Photo by Kiyomi.


8:20 p.m., San Diego: "Dinner party at Patrick's, my next-door neighbor. Lovely San Diego evening, Andrew visiting Patrick from Jacksonville, so Patrick wanted to have a dinner party. My partner, Joe, was having shoulder surgery Saturday morning, so his last meal before surgery. His few glasses of wine helped as well. Our wonderful group of friends gets together regularly. Life is good." --Jeff Davidson


8:28 p.m., York, Pa,: Thomas Ophardt sends us this picture from the annual square dance weekend, Harvest Hoedown, hosted by DC Lambda Squares, attended by dancers from D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Delaware, Rochester, and Boston.


8:37 p.m., Emporia, Kan.: Joe Sircoulomb shapes a small gather of molten glass on the end of a blowpipe using a wet block of cherry wood at the Emporia State University Hot Glass Studio.


8:48 p.m., Pensacola, Fla.: Jamie Nunez's wife and friends dance to "YMCA" during a Pensacola Ice Flyers hockey game on military appreciation night.


8:50 p.m., New Haven, Conn.: Janelle Alvarez reads a quick passage from the book Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores to entertain herself during a slow night of work at the Yale Bookstore.


8:56 p.m., San Francisco: Mariah Hanson (founder and producer of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend) at dinner with friends. From left: Christine Tanaka, Briana Stockton, Mariah Hanson, Teresa Sabella, Crystal Dykstra, and Tiffany Bush.


9 p.m., Tacoma, Wash.: Kali Files, in the front, center, with his friends play laser tag after a long day at work. "We are all in the Army, and we like to use our tactical skills we've learned over time."


9:10 p.m., Beverly Hills: "On November 9, I appeared on Shark Tank, the reality show on ABC. I had taped it months ago and was having dinner at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. As you can see, everybody was having a very good time, but I was ignoring them all as I was totally enthralled by my performance, which I was watching on my Droid. To the left of me is Cheri Oteri, a former Saturday Night Live star (she was Will Ferrell's cheerleading partner). Next to her is Matt Weiss, who can be found on camera every night on TMZ, sitting in the bullpen and sparring with Harvey Levin. He is an out gay man -- on the show too." --Bruce Vilanch


9:30 p.m., New York City: Destiny DeJesus (left) with her girlfriend of two years, Alicia, having fun at Hookah bar in SoHo.


9:35 p.m., Seattle: "My friend Molly and I cooked dinner for our dear friend Frances. She is 93 years old and was ecstatic that Obama won. She told us a story of how she tried to vote in the early '40s in her home town of Shreveport, La. She was not allowed because she didn't own land. For her to experience denial at the voting booth to seeing President Obama being elected a second time was amazing for her. She has seen and experienced much change in this country. She is also a supporter of gay marriage, which passed in Washington State (as well as Maine and Maryland). Who says our older citizens aren't progressive? --Sarah Nell Reynolds


9:30 p.m., Kilgore, Texas: Timothy Midkiff-James and his partner have a 19-year-old son, and their daughter is a freshman at Kilgore High School, where she's on the drill team, called the Hi-Steppers. "We live in Dallas but never miss a home game for sure and try to make it to all the away games as well."


9:40 p.m., Columbia, S.C.: Kelsey Jarrett tells us, "At the University of South Carolina, we have a group of undergraduate students through the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs who give presentations to our University 101 classes. These classes are comprised of first semester freshman students, and the peer advocates lead a discussion about terminology, myths and general experiences of LGBTQ students in the hopes of creating a more inclusive community here at the University of South Carolina."


9:40 p.m., New York City: It's Friday night in the OutQ studio at SiriusXM Radio in Rockefeller Center. Derek and Romaine Show hosts Romaine Patterson and Derek Hartley take a break from the show to chat with one of the evening's guests, Richard Lawson from The Atlantic Wire.


9:45 p.m., Portsmouth, Va.: Ensign Matthew Lawson working the night shift at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth caring for the sailors, marines, soldiers, and airmen who protect this great nation.


10 p.m., New York City:
Turandot: O padre augusto, Ora conosco il nome dello straniero, il suo nome e. . . Amore!
Calaf: e Amore, e Amore, e Amore.
(Gianantonio Corna at the Metropolitan Opera)


10:37 p.m., Phoenix: Web designer Bily Foster tells us, "Here is where I spend my day, working to make the Web pretty! From here I work with people from around the world helping them with websites, tech problems just about anything that comes up. I also do a little podcast called 'That iPad Guy' where I talk about tech. On the screen you'll see pictures of my new hubby. We just came back from getting married in New York. And yes, it is Bily with one L because growing up I got the L beat outta me."


10:50 p.m., Miami: Aidyn Scott does some last-minute shaving before his first "No Shave November" since starting on testosterone injections.


10:55 p.m., Hamden, Conn.: Alexander Kriz and his boyfriend get in gnome drag. Looks fun.


11 p.m., Richmond, Va.: Wesley Meredith sends a group picture of his friends and boyfriend before they head out for the night's shenanigans.


11:10 p.m., San Antonio,: Lauren Bedford Russell and Kiyomi McCloskey (The Real L Word) in the green room after the show.


11:30 p.m., Brussels: The peripatetic Sam Sparro at the Ancienne Belgique nightclub.


11:30 p.m., Arlington, Va.: U.S. Marine Matthew Phelps (right) and Ben Schock celebrating the Marine Corps' 237th birthday with their gay family at Freddie's Beach Bar and Grill.


11:40 p.m., New York City: "My favorite mode of transportation is on a stripper's shoulders. This is during my number on the last stop of the Chow Down girls' SorryBoutIt tour at Westgay in NYC celebrating Obama's win earlier that week." -- Willam Belli (Photo: Wilsonmodels)

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