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Hillary's Gay 'Nephew': ‘Aunt Hillary’ Helped Me Come Out

Hillary's Gay Nephew: ‘Aunt Hillary’ Helped Me Come Out

Hillary Clinton's gay "nephew" shared a personal note on Facebook about his supportive "Aunt Hillary" that has since gone viral.

Most people know Hillary Clinton as the former first lady or one of the few women to ever serve as secretary of State, but Colin Ebeling simply knows her as "Aunt Hillary."

Ebeling is the son of Clinton's childhood best friend, Betsy. The women met when they were sixth-graders at Eugene Field Elementary School in Park Ridge, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, and graduated high school together in 1965. After Clinton met her future husband, Bill, at Yale Law School in 1974, the aspiring attorney even brought her new boyfriend home to meet Ebeling's mother.

In a Facebook post that's been shared over 5,000 times, Mr. Ebeling says that his mother and Ms. Clinton remained close over the years, describing her as "a warm, funny lady who taught me how copious amounts of hot sauce on your scrambled eggs will keep you healthy."

The gay filmmaker said that Clinton, who spoke at his high school graduation and lingered after her speech to pose for pictures with the students, was extremely supportive of his sexuality. He writes that she "congratulated me when I came out of the closet, when I got my pilot's license, when I married my husband and, when we adopted our baby girl."

Ebeling, who has worked on shows like Good Morning, Miami! and Will & Grace,met his husband, Will Collyer, during a production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Ebeling directed the show, while Collyer was in the cast. The couple was married in 2011 after dating for 12 years.

According to Ebeling, Clinton has gone out of her way to show her acceptance of his relationship.

"Hillary has included me and my husband in countless events over the years and always greets us with warmth and sincere affection," he writes. "Several times, we've had the privilege to sit down with her and swap stories and, let me tell you, this woman can tell one hell of a story. Her dry wit rivals some of the best sit-com [sic] writers I've had the pleasure to work with."

Calling her "humble, personable and kind," Ebeling claims that the woman he knows is totally different than how Clinton is portrayed by GOP candidate Donald Trump. During the most recent debate, Trump said that if elected president, he would have her thrown in prison over speculation that Clinton endangered national security during her tenure as secretary of State by using a private email server. Trump also compared her to "the devil."

"To see Hillary portrayed as an evil, conniving criminal is baffling to me," he writes.

Ebeling, who called the former senator a "role model," said that electing Clinton November 8 is not only imperative for our country but for the young women that will follow in her footsteps, including his daughter.

"When you cast your vote for Hillary, I just want you to know you're backing not only the most qualified presidential candidate in history but a real person, a woman who values family, friendship and service to her fellow Americans above all else," he writes. "You'll be sending a message to my daughter that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to."

Read the full Facebook post from Ebeling below.

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