Sanders Will Pick a Different Sup. Ct. Justice If Elected


Speaking to Rachel Maddow on Thursday, Democratic presidential candidate said that if he wins the presidency he would ask President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Merrick Garland for Supreme Court justice so he could nominate a more "progressive" justice.

The Vermont senator said he has a litmus test for any potential Supreme Court justice — he must be "loud and clear" that he will vote to overturn the "disastrous" Citizens United decision, in which the court approved unlimited campaign spending by corporations and labor unions.

"I'm very worried about the future of American democracy and the ability of billionaires to buy elections," he told Maddow.

The MSNBC journalist then shifted the conversation to the presidential race, asking Sanders whether he would try to convince superdelegates to change their support from Hillary Clinton to him, even if he was behind in pledged delegates. See his answer below.

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